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Farmers & Lotto Luck!

Samuel Sitienei arrives @ the Michuki Park for the cheque Handover

The Lotto Jumbo Jackpot is making Winners and changing Lives!

From mechanics to technicians to photographers and most recently… commonly farmers.

Farmers till so hard – maybe that’s why luck is seeking them.

After Madam Selly Meli hoping on the first Jumbo Million,

Photographer Eric & Farmer Samuel hop onto the 2nd one, getting equals of 500K each!

Mzee Sitienei is a tree Nursery farmer from Kapsabet – Nandi County.

The elderly man showed up for the interview – sharp – in a grey broken suit, ready to receive his cheque.

His joy – unmeasurable!

I started playing Lotto in 2016

& only won Ksh 70

stated Mr.Samuel Kipchumba Sitienei

His biggest stimulus would then be the Foundation activities that tirelessly pushed him to play, with the aim of providing for the less advantaged.

Now see what his good intentions got him …

From Ksh70 to 0.5Million!

My kids’ school fees – sorted

Mzee couldn’t be happier

The Nandi County farmer also plans to use the money to improve his tree nursery techniques.

I don’t regret the day I heard Lotto on TV

It has done me well

A happy man’s confession

Lotto is real! Lotto Foundation is Changing Lives! I am changed

What better way to finish than in Mzee Sitienei’s words.

Mzee Kipchumba Sitienei the 500K winner

You Click! You Win!

Photographer Eric on receiving his cheque

Age really is just but a number.

The greatest advice that good luck has for you is this: “Do not look for me. I will find you.”


Plus that just summarizes the life of 23 year old Eric Kago Njuguna.

Eric like most born 90’s, while perusing through face book, came across the *mylottokenya* page and was immediately intrigued.

And In June 2021 – Bang! he was onto the game

•  He’d SMS 6 Numbers from 0-49 (separated by comma or space) followed by WEB to 79007.

• He’d then enter his Mpesa PIN to authorise a Ksh50 charge and get his ticket.

For the next 10 or so weeks – that would then be the trend.

As luck would have it – on the 21st of August – in the 2nd bunch of the Jumbo Jackpot Winners – Eric Kago Njuguna won KES 500,000!

I won Ksh 150 before

which gave me reason to want to much more numbers

revealed the excited photographer.

The freelance videographer/photographer from Kikuyu – Kiambu County plans to buy production equipment [ camera/lights/microphones & Gimbal] and also take a TV/Film Production course at the University.

What a bright kid!

Nimefurahi sana. Sijawahi furahi hivi.

Hii pesa ni mob!

cited Erico

The Film enthusiast was quick to reveal that if he won the coveted 100M,

He’d set up a whole Film Studio with all the necessary equipment.

Lotto is Real. Try your Luck. You never know. You might win! We close in Eric’s own words.


From 500/= to 500K

James Miriti on receiving his cheque

It is the exhilaration of farmers and first time big winners that puts a smile on our faces.

The Lotto Jumbo Jackpot has had it’s fair share of beginner winners being Farmers. The smile on their faces – priceless!

It’s the market town of Nanyuki in Laikipia County that hold luck of one of the winners’ in the 3rd bunch of the Lotto Jumbo Jackpot Winners.

James Miriti M’ncbere is the winner of KES 500,000!

The 62 year old looked nothing short of a 37 year old with a beaming smile & bouncing footsteps accompanied by his elderly son to the interview seclusion.

I started playing in 2015

I have won shs.60/250/500/600 before

confessed Mr.Miriti

Mr. Miriti specializes in meat Farming and with his half a Million win, can’t wait to construct a cow shed, uplift his farming methods & specifically indulge into zero grazing.

For every ticket played, 25% of 5the proceeds go to the Lotto Foundation that assist in various community projects.

James Miriti being a first hand witness of the Foundation activities would then be motivated to play tirelessly.

Lotto ni ya Ukweli na inainua

concluded the 500K Winner

Mr.Miriti though pretty excited on securing the winning call , confessed to not believing the news of the win.

It took 2 calls to convince the Farmer.

Asked on what he’d do with a 100M win?

Definitely start up a Children’s Shelter.

Winner’s son, Mr.James M’ncbere and Lotto Rep Bev Nita.

Best of luck M’ncbere!


First Nairobi Visit First Million

Sang presenting the 1M cheque to Madam Selly Meli.

It is the Lotto Jumbo Jackpot – and there’s upto 100Million to be won!

Kenyans are ready with their ticket numbers.

It is the 14th of August & the first Jumbo – 1M Winner is yet to be announced!

Beverly Nita & Mshamba : Selly Meli you are the winner of KES 1,000, 000!

Selly [on the other side of the call] : [with a suppressed laugh] Asante sana! Asante sana!

Selly Chepotip Meli is the first Millionaire of the JUMBO JACKPOT!

Ooh what a hustle and bustle Nairobi City can be. With the matatus all over, pedestrians on each angle of the streets, loud sounds, market sale shouts – 24/7 movement and no dormancy!

What a joy though for 42 year old chicken & vegetable farmer to be in Nairobi for the First Time.

Her only description for the Capital at this point – would definitely be *The City Under the Sun* & to her *Oooh what a sight to behold!*

Imagine staying in the village of Kapkeben – Uasin Gisu – Eldoret all your life & boom! a visit to Nairobi presents itself, topped up with KES 1,000,000 – ooh what luck!

Sikujua nitawahi kuja Nairobi

Lotto imenileta Nairobi!

Selly said almost playfully

The farmer now turned Millionaire heard of Lotto on Radio in 2020 & has been playing since then.

Citing, if the money has been helping other Kenyans , why not her?

It is that winning & never giving up zeal that won her KES 108,150 before the Millionaire move.

Madam Meli will now finish constructing her house comfortably, buy dairy cattle, boost her farming and maybe open up a small scale shop.

Hii Lotto ni ukweli!

Ni mara yangu ya kwanza kushika 1Million!


Encouraged Madam Meli
Madam Meli accompanied by her family

The Senior Investor

Mr.Mutiso the Millionaire

Kajiado county should be on your radar if you gravitate more towards a peaceful environment with unmatched co-existence between different communities. It would be safe to say the rapid growth of this county was propelled by overpopulation in Nairobi.

Residents of this lovely county are the type that plant their own food, keep livestock in large numbers among other traditional activities you wouldn`t find easily in a city.

Our winner John Mutisya Mutiso is no different. The Makueni native moved to Kajiado with his family, bought parcels of land and settled. Lotto team find him and his son, who doubles as his manager, busy at their latest project site.

Mr.Mutisya upon recieving his cheque.

The father of four intends to finish this current project then start another one with his prize, which he manifested a while back and even told his son about. He says he calls his children to the farm one by one for interviews to establish where they are at in life. He motivates them to elevate their lives. To him nothing beats independence.

As we walk to his home, we pass by one of his farms which he uses to plant grass for his livestock to feed on. As time goes by, this farmer intends to buy more parcels of land to plant grass just to feed his livestock.

John Mutiso 1Million Gold Winner.

Residents of Ula Village turned out in numbers to celebrate with this gentleman , whom most of them described as kind, ambitious and hardworking. We couldn`t agree more. This man is a visionary.

We wish him all the best in his endeavours.

“Things I didn`t tell my wife”…


You Defend! You Win!

Said Abdi alias Mwamba receives his 200K cheque

Name me some football Defender strengths ?

  • Defending Ability.
  • Speed.
  • Strength/Shielding Ability.
  • Heading Ability.
  • Passing Ability.

You narrate the above, and a sketch of Said Abdi Mwinyi alias Said Mwamba appears.

The temperatures @ Nairobi are still pretty low – 24° Highs/ 12° Lows. Mwamba’s freezing at the interview chambers. For a Mombasa based man – such lows are alarming.

Dressed in Jungle green sarks, grey cotton pants & sport shoes – a clear indication that he wasn’t prepared for such *lows*

He institutes the session with a throwback of his football days.

Oooh boy – Mwamba loves the leather game.

MCA TRICKY : What team were you supporting in the UEFA Super Cup?

MWAMBA : Chelsea!

And just like that – KABOOM – Chelsea takes it home

For a football fanatic & former player – Said Mwamba has mastered the art he’s been on from the age of 5.

Drive down to the Coast – past Mikindani – Jomvu – Mabati – Kwa Mwanzia parish & striker – turned – Plumber Mwamba – is a legend – a force to reckon with – for his former football prowess.

The 47 year old father of 2 teenagers attributes his *KNOW HOW* of the Lotto game to his long time buddy *Mudibo* who took him through the nitty gritties of the game.

I have played since 2016

with small winnings of KES 50 – 70/=

narrates Said Mwamba

His defending resilience definitely takes him through to his 4th August win

He sticks to box number 9 & Mshamba announces him the 200K Home Makeover prizeman!

Said loves his kids so much & the house revamp is automatically for their comfort ;

  • 32” Digital Full HD LED TV AC/DC
  • NF758SBS(SL), 2 Door Side By Side, 562L (362L Refrigerator/200L Freezer) – Silver
  • 0-440.C/ VAC4F400C 4 Gas Cooker – Copper
  • 5*6 Mattress
Said the Winner

And the thread continues

You win a 200K home makeover or 1Million in the JUMBO JACKPOT!


He’s a taxi driver but …


Dr.Frank Thuo Bangs Gold

The gleeful Wanjoyas’

July with it’s 10 °C / 50 °F low temperatures’ just ended and August 3rd’s trying to false us with clearer skies.

There’s a little shuffle at the Lotto headquarters with *Mummy this* *Dada I want the phone* *cries* *coos* & *gurgling noises*

It’s the new Millionaire in town – and the whole of Wanjoya’s family, In – laws & the entire posterity.

Well – for a whole Millionaire – the limp – is justifiable.

Talk of a calm person, painstaken, – talk of Dr.Thuo

Medical School – 4 years

Married – 4 years

Gaming on Lotto – 4 years 7 months

For a 27 year old Clinical Officer, giving up on the game was not something he’d give credence to?

All those Winner Stories I saw on Kameme Tv…

There’s no way this game could’ve been fictitious

cited the collected daktari

The LOTTO GOLD RUSH Finales on the 8th of August & this, for Dr. Frank Thuo was pure felicity!

On 31/07/2021 @ the media max studios & Frank Thuo Wanjoya is called on LIVE Tv as the first 1M GOLD winner, leaving only 1 last chance to the 7th August Gold winner!

Oooh what end of month good tidings!

Dr.Thuo [left] and his elder brother upon receiving the cheque

First – Tithe’s got to be paid

Second – I’m starting up a biz for Flo

Lastly – I’ll upgrade my studies

Dr.Thuo on plans with the money

Oblivious of the current change of things , Frank’s 2 daughters [aged 3 & 1] & niece play around the interview area reaching out for daddy.

His elder brother & sister in law can’t get over taking selfies on this memorable day.

The sun is out & the family now has a Millionaire – Ooh what joy!

Dr. Frank’s wife Florence Wairimu recounts with a smile how she’s on countless occasions’ depressed Francis from playing, notably because during the entire period he’s won just once – 300/=

And to note that this big win would then primarily set her up a business, was so self-effacing.

Joseph Mwangi [Franks elder brother] would then jump in citing the unyielding effort Frank put in just to see himself through school.

From contract based jobs to attachments, the Murang’a bred daktari hustled his way through Kenya Science & KMTC colleges for his diplomas.

Finishing his no pay internship at Murang’a Medical – would then be the epitome of his industriousness.

So no small win or Flo’s mocking would back him off from playing Lotto, especially after witnessing his blood sister win KES 8,000 previously.

We are so proud & happy for this boy

Joseph & his wife retaliated

For Dr. Francis Thuo – KES 1,000,000 becomes his first ever salary!

Congratulations Doc!


Stima Finally In Siaya

Mama Eliza on realization of her big win

Nyanza Kenya boasts of many things

From being home to Lake Victoria, the world’s 2nd largest tropical freshwater lake – to having a political block that can brag to have the ability to pour its vote in one basket in the same period – to producing USA’s first black president are just but an intro –

The Luo’s are perceived to be proud & swankful of the beliefe that being a Luo is a very important thing.Luo’s respect and adore their heroes and there’s always one hero at a time.

With that debatably – exceptions are inherent. In the hamlet of Got Regee in Siaya County lodges Mama Elizabeth Ayiro – born and Bred in the Luhya community – settled in Siaya by marriage.

Jovial, a lover of God & more to it, an altruist is just but the utmost description of mama Eliza’s character. She stands by the corner scheming every move made by the Lotto crew as if trying to piece every photography technique.

Maggie & Jackton are clearly more stirred by their mother’s major win.

Lotto’s Wednesday Home Makeover wins – are a great anticipation to the Lotto players by now.

The players are announced and Mama Elizabeth Ayiro is just the lucky lady tonight on MCA Tricky’s Box number 5 announcement.


loosely translated to *I am Rich*

Mama Liz shouts upon her sit down with Tricky – who according to her sentiments, is as young as her grand children

Mama bought her first ticket in 2017 – won 3K and stopped playing

Short story… Right?

She goes ahead to resumption in March 2021, after hearing the Lotto Ads on Radio, just that this time round – steadfastly.

As discipline would have it – whatever you sow , you reap! She goes back home on the 28th of July in the wake of her big interview a 200K Home Makeover Winner!

Mama Elizabeth after her probe

Sasa nitaweka stima kwa boma

Compound yangu itakuwa na seng’eng’e

Maji pia nitavuta kwa boma

reported the elated grandmother

The benevolent Mama, who houses 2 orphans will also ensure the Grade 5 & Form 1 pupils report to school, with paid up bank slips.

It will go in record that Lotto rep MCA Tricky never met a happier contestant as his interview was often halted by ululations from the elated mother & grandma.

For Alizabeth Ayiro Waudi , it is the desire to win & make life bearable

What’s the force for you?


An elated dani with her kids – Magret & Jackton Waudi

JKUAT senior shines


Maths Discipline In Lotto

Ms.Nyangweso all elated at the Lotto offices.

Looking to join a technical tertiary Institution in Kenya?

Well … they say JKUAT has a strong research interest in the areas of biotechnology and engineering.

It’s actually been ranked the most preferred University in Kenya for three years in a row.

Now let’s sight:

A group of Actuarist trainees are mind mapping in Baraka Hostels when the shrewd Mwangi dares none other than the quick – witted Cardine to game on Lotto Kenya.

You see, @ Lotto Kenya, as team Kenya represent at the Tokyo Olympics … Kenyans too have a chance to go for the Bronze, Silver & Gold prizes respectively in the LOTTO GOLD RUSH!

500K Bronze – Won by Faki already/ 750K Silver/ 1M Gold calculatively.

It is the Saturday 24th July Winning numbers;

33 , 27 , 20 , 23 , 8 , 32

that lands Cardine the craved SILVER JACKPOT bringing that draw to a victorious halt.

A round of applause to our second and FINAL Silver Jackpot Winner!

Well … What they say about JKUAT’s ingenuity could be true after all!

It was purely an attempt

and well… Luck fell on us

In reference to the group dare

This Woman Keeps Winning…

Well… Miss Nyangweso would strike you as such an intriguing lass – with her command of the English lingo and pose …

Listening to her speak over and over is such a pleasing aura only to be cut short by the fact that she has to run back to campus for her 1:30p.m Financial Economics CAT.

MCA Tricky, my whole clan was excited about the win

They watched it on TV like t’was a wedding live link

laughed Miss Nyangweso

It took 2 calls for the Actuarial Science senior Four student to believe that the win was actually real!

For Cardine Nyangweso Ambundo’s family – this assuredly – was a burden of relief from them

Ooh boy – My tuition fees – done!

I’m getting into the money market – FINALLY!

the thrilled trainee uttered

The mathematician keenly expressed her desire to win the 100M jackpot that would totally makeover her parents lifestlyle!

The first 1M Gold Ticket goes this Sat – 31st July.

Dare your guts to play!

Miss Cardine Nyangweso after the big luck


Fakii after receiving his cheque

Mwinyihaji Fakii Khatib, a retired banker received thee call on Saturday as he was watching 9 PM news with his family.

He had played for two years now and had won 250 bob severally then twice won 5K and now is a Bronze 500K winner!

Fakii was compelled to continue playing when he saw the good works done by the LOTTO FOUNDATION. He prides in being part of the noble deeds of the foundation to help the less fortunate in the society.

Fakii and his family

After retiring from his banking job of 30 plus years, his children advised him to stay home and let them take care of him as he had done since they were young.It has been sixteen years of retirement now.

He intends to use his cash prize to school three of his kids – one in degree program, one in Nursing school. He says he will even upgrade one of his children who did a diploma in ICT to a degree program!

Asked what he would do with the 50M prize were he to win and he said he would help his community in the education and health sectors.He has noted most youths in his area idling after high school due to lack of school fees for the next level of education.

This humanitarian advised people to participate in Lotto not for their own benefit but for the many that benefit from the charitable deeds of the foundation.

Likoni home…



Jane Mwangi after receiving her cheque.

The ex-banker aka Money Magnet from Nairobi says she considers herself a Lotto partner since she believes the money she uses to play is used by The Lotto Foundation to help the less fortunate and is actually the sole reason she continued playing since 2017.

Jane says a while back she had a dream where she was wearing a silver button and after Mshamba called her on Saturday night confirming her our Silver prize winner in the ongoing Lotto Gold Rush promotion ,it occurred to her what her dream was about.

Jane Mwangi and MCA Tricky at Lotto offices.

Just like most winners, she did not believe it when she was called and only believed after seeing on TV as the show was ongoing.

Jane intends to use the remaining part of her prize, after tithing, to develop her personal projects and says she will continue playing with the hope to win the mega jackpot.

Jane signs out singing, CHANGAMKA CHEZA LOTTO!

Shades of beauty….



Moses Yego decided to start the interview with a native song that highlights his new status ; Millionaire!

Moses Yego at Lotto offices to collect his cheque

The Eldoret – Kipkaren resident, heard of Lotto on a KASS FM radio show and decided to give it a try. He won Ksh.2000 before and today, he is accompanied by his aunt and cousin to the Lotto offices to collect his Ksh.1M cheque prize.

Moses Yego and MCA Tricky at Lotto offices

The former maize loader plans to buy a plot of land and build himself a house in the bid to better his life.

Mr.Yego urges everyone to participate in the non-biased Lotto competitions to stand a chance to win!

How youths make millions



Michael Maina after receiving his cheque

Michael Maina`s home, in Mwiki – Kasarani, turned into a jubilation hall on Saturday night after he was confirmed winner of Ksh.1M in the INUKA NA LOTTO promotion.

The Nairobi CBD taxi driver learnt of Lotto through the Lotto live show in 2016 and has since not stopped playing. Funny how despite having faith in Lotto for six years, when he was called as a winner, he had doubts. It took him two sleepless nights to come to terms with his win.

Michael and his family

Asked what he intended to do with his prize, Michael said he was definitely going for the taxi business as it is a business he is already well acquainted with and said he would continue playing because he was hoping to win even more money.

Maina`s advice to those coveting his prize, CHANGAMKA,CHEZA LOTTO.

Young money



Godffrey with his cheque

Godffrey Waweru Ngugi, a 47 year old living in Mombasa`s Likoni area has seen his Lotto participation grow from winning Ksh 200 to a whooping Ksh.200,00 since November 2016.

The former barman who lost his job due to the pandemic, was making himself a meal when he recieved a call from Lotto Kenya with the news of his win.

The father of two, and husband of one, pulls to a corner to play Lotto even as we set up for the interview. He says he is not about done winning and will continue playing to win more.

As he heads back to the Coast, Godfrey purposes to open up a retail shop with the money he won to be able to keep thing running for himself and his family.

From someone who has won as little as Ksh.200 to Ksh.200,00

I advice everyone to CHANGAMKA,CHEZA LOTTO

he says

Ask mama Hannah…



Peter and his family

Ex security guard earning Ksh 10,000 per month is a thing of the past to this brand new millionaire. Peter lost his job and spent all his savings on his children`s school fees leaving him and his family financially strained.

Peter has been playing Lotto on and off since 2018.Never won. Never told a soul. He believed just as other winners he sees on Tv, his day would come, Si siku ndio hii imefika, he says with a huge smile.


he emphasises

In the spirit of if you cant beat them join them, his friends are now more than ever interested in learning how to play as well.

His wife, not convinced even after he received the call that night, now wants to spare some of her chamaa earnings to participate.

Peter and his wife

Peter has plans to renovate his house and since there`s water shortage in Mukuyuni – Makueni county, where he comes from.

He intends to buy a water tank to sustain his household.

He appreciates Lotto Kenya for making all that possible and urges everyone to participate and stand a chance to win.

What county lockdown …


Of Young Couples & Luck

Daisy Chepkurui on getting her cheque

It is 8:30p.m on Wednesday the 16th of July 2020.

Lotto presenters MCA Tricky & Beverly Nita are having their faces blushed & attires fitted ready for the biggest Gaming show in Kenya – LOTTO LIVE!

It is now 10p.m as the Lotto Montage runs – there’s Lotto player *Ryan Ryan* in studio to play the game LIVE – He goes back home with a cool 50K.

15 seconds later – The big win – It’s the guaranteed 200K – Home Makeover for 23 year old Daisy Chepkirui.

Daisy & her husband during the Interview

I was so happy upon the win

I gave a deafening scream

cited Daisy

INTERVIEWER : Who are you here with?

WINNER : My husband & son Fidel Kiplang’at

INTERVIEWER : You two look pretty youthful

WINNER : Oooh yeah. I’m just 23, my hubby is 29 [giggles shyly]

INTERVIEWER : Where do you come from?

WINNER : Ooh my all the way from Bomet. It’s actually my first time in Nairobi … and I’m pretty … [pause]


WINNER : No [chuckling] Excited! [ Holding firmly onto baby boy Fidel]

INTERVIEWER : What do you do in the daily

WINNER : Oooh boy I’m a contract-based tea picker. My husband is a plumber though. Do you know Bukacha –

INTERVIEWER :[nodding in repulse]

WINNER : Next to Motiko Factory.

INTERVIEWER: Not conversant…

WINNER : That’s where the Tea factory is. I actually missed work today [cheekily]

INTERVIEWER : For how long have you participated in the game

WINNER : Since 2019 . No recorded win [laughs] but we still push on.

INTERVIEWER : Anyone in Bukacha area ever won before

WINNER : No… wait … at least not anyone I know of …

INTERVIEWER : Which then defeats the fact that you’ve continued playing Lotto tirelessly

WINNER : I see winners on TV & I know this thing is real! [sternly]. I have actually convinced so many people to play esp after my big win. I just teach them the game pole pole. Bukachians love Lotto.

INTERVIEWER ; Are you doing a home revamp with your Make Over win…

WINNER : I’d I’ve loved too… but what’s foremost now is to indulge in a money making venture. I’ll convert the win to money and open up a boutique in Bomet town…

INTERVIEWER : Wow wow … Do we call it Bomet boutique or Daisy Boutique

WINNER : [without hesitation] Let’s call it Daisy Lotto Boutique

[Both laughing at the quick creativity of Daisy Chepkirui, baby Fidel is now throwing tantrums uncontrollably.]

Remember to tune into K24 & KAMEME TV every Wednesday@ 10p.m

Here at Lotto, we call out on all Youthful people to participate in the game and win just like Daisy.

I lost 3 pigs …


Githurai Youth Now A Millionaire

The elated Ronny Njau

Beneath the radiating smile – 4 hours prior the interview lay a despondent down – casted spirit.

Ronny, sited at the anteroom maintained a head below the chin look. The only visible thing at a quick glance towards his direction would then be his faded-green cap.

I lost 3 pigs

My 3 pigs

It is only a swineherd that would understand the torture of loosing an animal, and in Ronny’s case – 3pigs.

The hustler – now turned Millionaire was quick to count his blessing and put it into good use

I definitely I’m investing all this money in pig farming.

The returns here are up to the mark.

retaliated the now excited winner

You see Ronny Njau Chege is a husband and young father of a 4 year old beautiful daughter.

The inhabitant of Githurai – Kwa Chief juggles up to 3 contract based jobs in a day other than the pig rearing.

The first phase of LOTTO MADARAKA JACKPOT materialized on 22nd May, making Ronny – one among 3 Millionaires.

This really is a call to youths to participate in the game as it makes millionaires of both the elderly & the young, the timid & intellectuals, the believers & non-religious.

Ron on receiving his cheque

Mr.Njau, now in lifted spirits narrates on how upon receiving the winning call… literally gushed out of the house celebrating.

Ladies & Gentlemen, meet Ronny Njau Chege – The Newest Millionaire in Town!

I love my wife so…

Remember – gaming can be addictive. Play Responsibly!


Lotto Makes Boutique Lady Multi Millionaire

Big Madaraka winner Jane Nyokabi Wokabi

At the end it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.”

Denzel Washington

This statement demystifies rightfully Mrs. Wokabi’s life mantra.

The free – handed retail clerk would then go ahead & postulate

I can’t wait to visit a children’s home or one for the aged & gush them with lot’s of goodies

said the 2M winner

The wife and mother handles up to 2 jobs in a day – being a mother tripling it [as they say, being a mother in itself is a full time job]

No wonder getting hold of Jane Nyokabi Wokabi for a TV Testimonial can be a full time job.

The potato & vegetable farmer operates @ the esteemed JUDY Boutique situated at the navel of Meru town.

It is her travelling nature that incorporates Nairobi – Uganda – Meru manoeuvre, buying & exchanging stock that makes her a hard gem to hold grasp on.

The MADARAKA JACKPOT came to a close on 5th June, declaring the entrepreneur a multi millionaire at 10p.m

The winning call caught me by surprise.

I was just sited with my family when it came through

cited multimillionaire Jane

Giving up on the game wasn’t a language Jane could understand, winner stories on TV & Radio was her biggest hope topped up with her 200K previous win.

Lotto Rep Aloyce handing Jane her 2M cheque

On being asked about her ploy with the money, other that CSR, she was careful to remember restocking *JUDY Boutique* & expanding her subsistence farming.

We hope this encourages Meru – Gitembeni residents to increase their winning hopes.

Congratulations Jane!

The salonist won…

The Millionaire Salonist

Mrs. Mwangi on receiving her 1M dummy cheque at the Lotto offices

Eudias Kavurani Mwangi on first sight would strike you as a quiet, taciturn, tongue-tied business lady.

As if the impression is not enough, she donned it with a checked shell – pink suit confirming the same impression.

Her evenly toned chocolate complexion pampered with a measured layer of face cream, pink-purple cocktailed lipstick accessorized with matching purple earrings would later on leave a long lasting inkling.

She was definitely into the beauty world!

50 years old.

Married with 2 daughters.

Owner and founder of *SHADES OF BEAUTY* in Nyahururu – Karafa

The first phase of the MADARAKA JACKPOT was drawn on 22nd May 2021, making 3 Millionaires’ – Eudias being a first of the 3.

For Eudias, winning 3 days to her 50th birthday… was a glimpse not only to recall, but also to embrace!

“Everybody goes through difficult times, but it is those who push through those difficult times who will eventually become successful in life. Don’t give up, because this too shall pass.”

― Jeanette Coron

That’s just about the quote that pushes Eudias forth after loosing her job during the COVID – 19 pandemic, forcing her to relocate back to her village in Nyahururu.

The 1M win comes at just the right time, she can now add more cosmetics in her salon, pay school arrears for her 2 daughters and finish a construction she’s working on.

I started playing Lotto in 2019

The bulk messages would be my daily reminder to play.

cited Eudias

Eudias was keen to tell her Karafa neighbours not to loose hope, their winning day will come too.

The loud – but quiet looking salonist climaxed her interview with an ear – splitting ululation leaving the whole Lotto crew amused.

Congratulations Mrs.Mwangi!

200K changed my…


Living With What You Love

Simon [Anne’s husband] & Anne, Lotto reps Bev & Msondoro pose for a pic after shopping at Carrefour.

It is the dry landscape of Ongata Rongai that shelters madam Anne Wambui who, as referenced *Loves Living with what she loves*

May though, which is a month away from July [being the coldest month in Rongai] has an average high-temperature of 20.9°C (69.6°F) and an average low-temperature of 10°C (50°F).

It’s for this reason therefore that there’s a heavy downpour as the Lotto team accompanies Madam Ann plus her husband back home with a truck – full of household items.

I love my old house stuff. They have serviced me for years but…

if they don’t change, I don’t grow

confessed Anne with her husband’s back up

Madam Anne Wambui Wainaina gets back home assured of a swap.

It is the Lotto Live Call on 8th May that changed her home, if not life… forever!

Box number 5 gave her the desired prize – Home Makeover – worth 200,000/= making her the 2nd winner of the same jackpot, after Naivasha’s Esther Muthoni.

Esther Muthoni – First Makeover Winner

I have been playing since 2018 in vain

Don’t loose hope

Lotto sio Ndoto, ni ya ukweli

uttered Madam Anne

The middle aged woman walked into Carrefour stores with calculated moves.

She knew precisely what she needed;

  • Samsung Washing Machine
  • Samsung Crystal UHD Android 55′ smart Tv
  • Ramtons Water Dispenser
  • 2 Von Solo Microwaves
  • Kenwood Sandwich Maker
  • Von 50WATT RMS Subwoofer
Anne Wambui at Carrefour stores

I can’t wait to send photos to my daughter in Australia

This thing is real!

she repeatedly said

Simon Njoroge – husband to the winner, echoed the same narrative. “We had old household items, now they are new. Lotto ni Ukweli”.

Anne’s intuition on the sincerity of her position as a Makeover winner didn’t fail her because she had witnessed other people win on the Lotto Live shows every WED & SAT @10p.m on K24 and KAMEME Tv.

You too can be a big winner!

It is our honour to extend our felicitations to you Anne Wambui Wainaina

Farmer wins nissan for…


Langa Langa FC Coach Wins Big

Japheth Oyoko Likoko celebrates on his big win

It is the busy town in Vihiga County – BUNYORE that has been making headlines in a week now!

57year old Japheth Likoko, born & bred in Bunyore, walks to the renovated Michuki Park head high accompanied by a relative!

It is the CHANUKA na LABOUR DAY Jackpot shoot day! As civil workers take a rest to commemorate their hard work, Lotto spearheads Kenyans to start up an income generating hustle and/or boost their business!

It was Saturday the 1st of May when the Father of 4 received his life changing call:

You are the winner of a brand new Toyota Hiace

It comes with a years’ comprehensive cover & a KES500,000 bonus

Winning call

The Farmer, who’s presently settled in Gilgil – Nyandarua Country couldn’t contain himself as he broke in a deafening scream, which is considered odd for the male gender – needless to say.

I have played for over 3years without winning

KES 50/= won me a whole matatu

remarked Mr.Likoko

Mr. Likoko’s biggest playing stimulus has been the Lotto Foundation. For him – 25% of his ticket going into activities partaking with feeding the famished, supporting fights against COVID-19 with hygiene essentials has been his greatest satisfaction.

Mr. Likoko receiving his 0.5M cheque

Langa Langa FC have a reason to smile because their coach will buy them football jerseys.

Mr. Likoko has kids in school who’s fees are now sorted.

As for the TOYOTA HIACE, he definitely is venturing into the matatu scope.

Lotto pays

It is not a lie

encouraged the elated football fanatic
200K changed my home..


Naivasha’s Mama Hannah is the 200K Home Makeover Winner!

The big advertisement

It’s the 21st of April 2021 and Lotto makes the big announcement;

“Tonight @10p.m, one lucky winner walks home with a *Home Makeover worth 200K* in the 2nd chance draw.”

It’s box no.7 [godly number according to Esther] that lands her the coveted prize!

“Home is the nicest world there is.” 

Laura Ingalls Wilder

On the 28th of April – Makori – of the Lotto Live, lands in Naivasha – Kinamba, to do just that.[check quote]

Make Esther’s space, less of a house, more of a home.

First stop


Esther, who’s now on top of the world picks out 4 tea tables, a massive grey mattress, Floor carpet, utensils set & Hot pots set.

Second stop


She’s treated to a wide range of home appliances but settles on a fridge, 4-burner gas cooker, 40″ Samsung Tv & a water dispenser.

Not to mention in the least that only a 200/= stake attributed to the big revamp.

Esther pointing out her desired TV size
Esther on purchasing the fridge
Esther after paying up for the water dispenser

Lotto hakuna unafiki

Draw ikikuangukia ni wewe

Esther Muthoni Kamau

Esther purposes to donate her replaced house appliances to her close friends

Most importantly, donate one of her new table’s to the church as her sacrificial offering.

Esther on arriving home with the home appliances

I am so happy

My wife has really made me proud

Retorted Esther’s huband of the Maping Trading Company

Muthoni has been telling me about Lotto

I now believe

cited neighbour – Wakamathi

Nyumba yetu imeng’araa

Lucy Njeri – Esther Muthoni’s daughter

I had stopped playing

Now that I’ve seen, I believe

Monica – Muthoni’s friend

Mama Hannah’s [Esther Muthoni Kamau] Lotto playing pleasure lies in the Foundation activities.

25% of Lotto money goes to the community projects and curbing COVID – 19.


The most I’ve handled cash-wise is 20K

Beatrice Tindi on meeting Lotto representative Mshamba

*Asante Yesu kwa kuwa wewe Yu Mwema*

*Asante Yesu kwa kuwa wewe Yu Mwema*

Praise and dance filled the small village of Sitikho in Webuye county as Mshamba Zebedayo [Lotto Rep] arrived to the Millionaires *boma*

The mud-thatched house with rusted iron sheets stood next to a wooden structure roofed with new shinning *mabati – proof that Millionaire Tindi was already reshaping.

“Naona kazi ishaanza…”

Hii 1M I will construct a house, boost my married kids, tithe & buy dairy cows”

remarked the Millionaire concerning the prize money

The Lotto Easter Jackpot concluded on 10th April, making 4 big winners , Mrs. Wanyama closed it with a clean KES 1,000,000!

The big announcement.

Beatrice Tindi Wanyama wakes up daily to her potatoes & bananas farm for subsistence purposes.

Kukhu [grandma] Tindi has been playing routinely since Nov 2020 through her elder son’s phone, with no recorded win!

It was during Kukhu Tindi’s night devotion that the winning Lotto Live Call came, breaking the whole house in song and dance.

Asante Yesu kwa kuwa wewe Yu mwema

It was the ululation that got me to break into kukhu’s house.

She had indeed won.

I will now start playing Lotto

retorted a neighbour Suzzy

The Millionaires husband – Dickson Wanyama Mckenzie Mang’ori who would previously hear nothing about Lotto wouldn’t stop celebrating about the big win

“I’m now ready to play. Bibi amenipa changamoto. I will win an even bigger prize!

I have never held money more than KES 20,000

KES 1,000,000 is a miracle

Kukhu Tindi – In verbatim

“Mimi saa hii naanza kucheza Lotto Naingia kwa kikundi” uttered a neighbour

Mmenipea nguvu

Pia mimi naingia kwa kikundi

noted neighbour Sophie
  • Asante Yesu kwa kuwa wewe Yu mwema * and the melody kept on resonating.
Farmer loves daughter…


County Lockdown Becomes a Blessing to Shoe Vendor

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday the 26th March announced partial lockdown.

The five counties affected by the lockdown are Nairobi, Kiambu, Nakuru, Machakos and Kajiado.

It’s this measure that got Judy, a Rarieda resident, stuck in Nairobi upon a friendly visit.

Equate it to be boredom or just persistence that got her playing a week after the lockdown towards the EASTER JACKPOT

A 200 Ksh stake wins Judy KES 1,000,000 prize money!

Judith Auma Wadugu is a shoe vendor from Nyanza – Kenya, Rarieda, Asembo.

I’m first from the Asembo community to win such an amount“says the ever laughing but shy mother of two.

She’s been playing since 2019 before her winning call during the Lotto Live Show 3rd April 2021, declaring her the 2nd last winner of 1Million in the Easter Jackpot!

I’m certainly improving my shoes business

I got children in school too, to them I am both mum & dad. Their fee is sorted!

From Farm Manager to…

Lotto siwachi, I will continue playing “concluded Judy amidst a burst of laughter.


From Farm Manager to Poultry Farm Owner

Benard Kiplangat on winning KES 500,000.

Each of us has about 40 chances to accomplish our goals in life. I learned this first through agriculture, because all farmers can expect to have about 40 growing seasons, giving them just 40 chances to improve on every harvest.

Howard Grahamm

Howard Grahamm’s quote is the driving force behind Farm supervisor Likwop’s desire to dream even bigger.

I am definitely starting up my own poultry farm, and later venture in the same on business capacity” said the soft spoken Farm supervisor

Benard Kiplangát Likwop becomes the 2nd Easter Jackpot Winner walking home with a total of KES 500,000.

The Farm Supervisor from Nakuru Country is married and looks to improve his family’s lifestyle by venturing in the poultry business using his 0.5M win!

“I knew I’d win one day. I just knew it!”

Benard’s conscience was definitely right because it kept him playing for 2 years before the 0.5M win!

Father chooses son to receive extra 100k…

I got my winning call on 17th March 2021 during the Lotto Live Show. Don’t loose hope. Your winning call is on it’s way “said the elated farm supervisor.