Maths Discipline In Lotto

Ms.Nyangweso all elated at the Lotto offices.

Looking to join a technical tertiary Institution in Kenya?

Well … they say JKUAT has a strong research interest in the areas of biotechnology and engineering.

It’s actually been ranked the most preferred University in Kenya for three years in a row.

Now let’s sight:

A group of Actuarist trainees are mind mapping in Baraka Hostels when the shrewd Mwangi dares none other than the quick – witted Cardine to game on Lotto Kenya.

You see, @ Lotto Kenya, as team Kenya represent at the Tokyo Olympics … Kenyans too have a chance to go for the Bronze, Silver & Gold prizes respectively in the LOTTO GOLD RUSH!

500K Bronze – Won by Faki already/ 750K Silver/ 1M Gold calculatively.

It is the Saturday 24th July Winning numbers;

33 , 27 , 20 , 23 , 8 , 32

that lands Cardine the craved SILVER JACKPOT bringing that draw to a victorious halt.

A round of applause to our second and FINAL Silver Jackpot Winner!

Well … What they say about JKUAT’s ingenuity could be true after all!

It was purely an attempt

and well… Luck fell on us

In reference to the group dare

This Woman Keeps Winning…

Well… Miss Nyangweso would strike you as such an intriguing lass – with her command of the English lingo and pose …

Listening to her speak over and over is such a pleasing aura only to be cut short by the fact that she has to run back to campus for her 1:30p.m Financial Economics CAT.

MCA Tricky, my whole clan was excited about the win

They watched it on TV like t’was a wedding live link

laughed Miss Nyangweso

It took 2 calls for the Actuarial Science senior Four student to believe that the win was actually real!

For Cardine Nyangweso Ambundo’s family – this assuredly – was a burden of relief from them

Ooh boy – My tuition fees – done!

I’m getting into the money market – FINALLY!

the thrilled trainee uttered

The mathematician keenly expressed her desire to win the 100M jackpot that would totally makeover her parents lifestlyle!

The first 1M Gold Ticket goes this Sat – 31st July.

Dare your guts to play!

Miss Cardine Nyangweso after the big luck


Fakii after receiving his cheque

Mwinyihaji Fakii Khatib, a retired banker received thee call on Saturday as he was watching 9 PM news with his family.

He had played for two years now and had won 250 bob severally then twice won 5K and now is a Bronze 500K winner!

Fakii was compelled to continue playing when he saw the good works done by the LOTTO FOUNDATION. He prides in being part of the noble deeds of the foundation to help the less fortunate in the society.

Fakii and his family

After retiring from his banking job of 30 plus years, his children advised him to stay home and let them take care of him as he had done since they were young.It has been sixteen years of retirement now.

He intends to use his cash prize to school three of his kids – one in degree program, one in Nursing school. He says he will even upgrade one of his children who did a diploma in ICT to a degree program!

Asked what he would do with the 50M prize were he to win and he said he would help his community in the education and health sectors.He has noted most youths in his area idling after high school due to lack of school fees for the next level of education.

This humanitarian advised people to participate in Lotto not for their own benefit but for the many that benefit from the charitable deeds of the foundation.

Likoni home…



Jane Mwangi after receiving her cheque.

The ex-banker aka Money Magnet from Nairobi says she considers herself a Lotto partner since she believes the money she uses to play is used by The Lotto Foundation to help the less fortunate and is actually the sole reason she continued playing since 2017.

Jane says a while back she had a dream where she was wearing a silver button and after Mshamba called her on Saturday night confirming her our Silver prize winner in the ongoing Lotto Gold Rush promotion ,it occurred to her what her dream was about.

Jane Mwangi and MCA Tricky at Lotto offices.

Just like most winners, she did not believe it when she was called and only believed after seeing on TV as the show was ongoing.

Jane intends to use the remaining part of her prize, after tithing, to develop her personal projects and says she will continue playing with the hope to win the mega jackpot.

Jane signs out singing, CHANGAMKA CHEZA LOTTO!

Shades of beauty….



Moses Yego decided to start the interview with a native song that highlights his new status ; Millionaire!

Moses Yego at Lotto offices to collect his cheque

The Eldoret – Kipkaren resident, heard of Lotto on a KASS FM radio show and decided to give it a try. He won Ksh.2000 before and today, he is accompanied by his aunt and cousin to the Lotto offices to collect his Ksh.1M cheque prize.

Moses Yego and MCA Tricky at Lotto offices

The former maize loader plans to buy a plot of land and build himself a house in the bid to better his life.

Mr.Yego urges everyone to participate in the non-biased Lotto competitions to stand a chance to win!

How youths make millions



Michael Maina after receiving his cheque

Michael Maina`s home, in Mwiki – Kasarani, turned into a jubilation hall on Saturday night after he was confirmed winner of Ksh.1M in the INUKA NA LOTTO promotion.

The Nairobi CBD taxi driver learnt of Lotto through the Lotto live show in 2016 and has since not stopped playing. Funny how despite having faith in Lotto for six years, when he was called as a winner, he had doubts. It took him two sleepless nights to come to terms with his win.

Michael and his family

Asked what he intended to do with his prize, Michael said he was definitely going for the taxi business as it is a business he is already well acquainted with and said he would continue playing because he was hoping to win even more money.

Maina`s advice to those coveting his prize, CHANGAMKA,CHEZA LOTTO.

Young money