Egg Supplier All The Way To Diani

Mr.Naftaly enjoying his Diani Trip
Diani Beach

This is just but a snippet of Diani Beach – That Naftaly Njema Kabuya gets to enjoy pre valentine with his wife & date – Esther Kabuya.


Lotto’s offering a GUARANTEED 1M every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY.

A trip to Mombasa/Diani and the Mara!

3000 GUARANTEED Winners of 100K – 1M daily.

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The first Sat of Feb – 5th – is a striking one for Naftaly

I was at a funeral gathering when the winning call came through

Too confused to react I was

Naf starts off

It was the winning call that disrupted Naftaly’s attendance in the late night gathering.

The night was striking – 46 year old Naftali being torn between celebrating his win or empathizing with the bereaved.

Born and raised in Murang’a …

Settled in Nakuru’s – Gacura area by proffesion …

The 46 year old parents 4 kids – Form 4 candidate/Class 8 candidate/Class 5 pupil and a 2 year old!

Lotto Representative Bev Nita handing Naf his cheque

I have been playing since 2016…

With a previous win of only 500/=

continued Naf

The poultry careerist is an egg supplier to egg retailers in Nakuru…

He confesses that he’s grown from selling 10 crates to 100!

With a 250K win – he’s fated on rearing layers for egg production.

My family is bereaved of a grandmother

but this win can keep us positive in the meantime

closes Naftaly

There’s still a fully paid Mombasa & Mara Trip to Go!

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31 year old winner …


New Dad Wins 500K

Steve Kinyua the 500K winner

31 year old Stephen Kinyua is arguably the youngest *big* winner this January.

The father to a 7 month old baby girl was announced half a Million rich on 29th January 2022.

We meet Steve in Ruiru nursing his child on the day of the interview.

The interior designer shows all aspects of a responsible/ self driven man with this selfless act.

We are all woowed!

I have been playing since 2016

Yes – I have won before

KES 600

revealed the elated father

Man Stevo is happy to note that he’s now set up to open a showroom that would play a big role to sell out his interior designs to targeted clients.

Lotto is boosting businesses


Lotto presenter Mike Makori [right] hands Steve his cheque

I have 5 TV’s


I Sold 1 Tv I’m Buying 5 More

Salesperson James Musyoka receiving cheque

What greater joy for a retail person than getting a 100K boost?

Jiboost na Lotto this 2022!

The night of 22/01/22 ain’t just special for Catherine Gitau – but double as much joy oozes from one – James Musyoka Peter.

At Mlolongo Shopping Centre – In Athi River – Mr.Musyoka is wrapped up in his daily sales when the Lotto team meets him.

Born and raised in Machakos County – The 44 year old worked his way to becoming the most renowned Retailer in Mlolongo shopping centre.

Walk to Mr. Musyoka’s Top Vision Shop for all your electronic needs …

From TV sets – Batteries – Bulbs – DSTV Dishes – Home Theatres – Woofers –

This particular day is a bright one as the 100K JIBOOST winner is awarded his cheque for the big win.

James Musyoka celebrates his win

I have played since 2021

And won 400KES before

revealed the bubbly winner

For Mr. Musyoka – an August 2021 play period wasn’t a long wait for his big win.

You too can start playing today & win 100K

Here’s how to:

How to Play Lotto

Today particularly happens to be a lucky day for James – because he sold a Tv set

Using the 100K he can now boost up his TVstock!

aiiiyaaa – Lotto is real

I have not been paid to do this interview

Ended the restocked retailer

100M Vision …


“I Saw a 100M Vision”

Mama Catherine Gathoni poses with her 250K cheque

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others …

I saw a vision one night …

I had won 100Million

reveals Madam Cate

100Million is Lotto’s Mega Jackpot!

On the 22nd night of January 2022 – The winning call goes to one Catherine Gathoni Gitau.

Tonight’s lucky ticket number is


And the winner of 250K is…

Catherine Gitau

Mshamba & Bev announce

The news is met by an exhilarated madam Cate who creams & exclaims in her Kikuyu dialect

uuuuwiiiiii – Mwathani Mwega

68 year old Visionary wins 250K with the Lotto Jiboost Promotion.

I am excited & I thank God for winning Lotto

I am so grateful to God

Kept declaring mum Cate

For Madam Catherine – who’s been playing since 2016…

250K is a huge win!

The Gitanga road based woman has no previous recorded win & just like any other mamma – First thing that comes to her mind is the home;

She admits to now having cash for;

  • Sanding
  • Floor Repair
  • Repainting
  • Bathroom Repair

Madam Cate is also careful to sort out matters *Medical Insurance*

Madam Cate Receiving her 250K cheque

For mamma Cate – It’s prudent for her to admit that there’s no magic to winning Lotto.

Some people disapprove of Lottery

but I accept this as a gift from God

Mamma Cate concludes

For the visionary Fabric Seller – Her 100M vision is yet to manifest

From 250K – 500K – 1M – 10M – 100M!

All the best!

I will buy motorbike …


Logistics Manager on the 500K Vibe

The manager on receiving her cheque

The Lotto team gets to Embakasi East’s constituency in Utawala at noon to meet the elated but shy half Millionaire.

The clouds are on the Lows of 13 degrees/ and Sunshine Highs of 28 degrees.

The air quality is ideal for normal outdoor activities.

We therefore set up an open air interview.

MAKORI : Tuko na nani hapa?

LYNN : Naitwa Lynn Kemunto Patrick

MAKORI : For how long have you played Lotto?

LYNN : Man … It has been a long time [thinking] man … a long long long time [laughs]

MAKORI : Won anything before?

LYNN : Ahaa – Naaah – Nothing! [laughing it off]

MAKORI : So Lynn just won a huge amount – Lynn what did you win?

LYNN : 500 thousand Kenyan Shillings [wearing a huge smile]

MAKORI : So Lynn, what plans do you have with this money?

LYNN : I own a logistics company. I’m def buying 2/3 motorbikes for deliveries so that I don’t disturb clients & for errands to run smoothly.

MAKORI : Is Lotto real?

LYNN : Very real! Watu waendelee kucheza. Big things are coming guys!

Lynn Kemunto’s first win comes in the dry January Period

Play now! Luck is definitely coming your way too!

My Boarding School Kid …