Mama Stima Wins Again

Elizabeth [centre in a green headwrap] celebrates with family
Jovial, a lover of God & more to it, an altruist is just but the utmost description of mama Eliza’s character. She stands by the corner scheming every move made by the Lotto crew as if trying to piece every photography technique.

That’s how Lotto described Elizabeth Ayiro upon the first physical encounter.

Little to nothing has changed about her ever since. Even with the new half Millionare title she still remains calm, sitted at the Michuki Park bench as she awaits the commencement of her big interview.

With her – are Magret & Jackton Waudo [her children] & 2 other female family members who are overjoyed – would mistake the win for ‘theirs’

Nilicheza Lotto, Ikanitengenezea boma

Bado tu inaniendeleza!

puffed out the jovial mama

If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.” William Goldling

That perfectly describes Elizabeth Ayiro, who on 21st July after winning a 200K Home makeover :

Wired electricity to her homestead

Fenced her boma

Talk of luck – a week later the hardworking mama wins Ksh 500,000 in the Gold Rush Power draw – making her a Bronze Winner!

My lotto wins range from

Ksh 3K – 200K – 500K

busted a joyous Elizabeth Ayiro

Mama Elizabeth – confident with her plans – reveals she will get water connected from the source directly to her homestead.

Ooooh what joy!

Elizabeth on receiving her cheque

Indeed the 54 year old , farmer, mother & grand mother is content

All the best Elizabeth Ayiro Waudi!

Stima in Siaya County …


The Senior Investor

Mr.Mutiso the Millionaire

Kajiado county should be on your radar if you gravitate more towards a peaceful environment with unmatched co-existence between different communities. It would be safe to say the rapid growth of this county was propelled by overpopulation in Nairobi.

Residents of this lovely county are the type that plant their own food, keep livestock in large numbers among other traditional activities you wouldn`t find easily in a city.

Our winner John Mutisya Mutiso is no different. The Makueni native moved to Kajiado with his family, bought parcels of land and settled. Lotto team find him and his son, who doubles as his manager, busy at their latest project site.

Mr.Mutisya upon recieving his cheque.

The father of four intends to finish this current project then start another one with his prize, which he manifested a while back and even told his son about. He says he calls his children to the farm one by one for interviews to establish where they are at in life. He motivates them to elevate their lives. To him nothing beats independence.

As we walk to his home, we pass by one of his farms which he uses to plant grass for his livestock to feed on. As time goes by, this farmer intends to buy more parcels of land to plant grass just to feed his livestock.

John Mutiso 1Million Gold Winner.

Residents of Ula Village turned out in numbers to celebrate with this gentleman , whom most of them described as kind, ambitious and hardworking. We couldn`t agree more. This man is a visionary.

We wish him all the best in his endeavours.

“Things I didn`t tell my wife”…


Dr.Frank Thuo Bangs Gold

The gleeful Wanjoyas’

July with it’s 10 °C / 50 °F low temperatures’ just ended and August 3rd’s trying to false us with clearer skies.

There’s a little shuffle at the Lotto headquarters with *Mummy this* *Dada I want the phone* *cries* *coos* & *gurgling noises*

It’s the new Millionaire in town – and the whole of Wanjoya’s family, In – laws & the entire posterity.

Well – for a whole Millionaire – the limp – is justifiable.

Talk of a calm person, painstaken, – talk of Dr.Thuo

Medical School – 4 years

Married – 4 years

Gaming on Lotto – 4 years 7 months

For a 27 year old Clinical Officer, giving up on the game was not something he’d give credence to?

All those Winner Stories I saw on Kameme Tv…

There’s no way this game could’ve been fictitious

cited the collected daktari

The LOTTO GOLD RUSH Finales on the 8th of August & this, for Dr. Frank Thuo was pure felicity!

On 31/07/2021 @ the media max studios & Frank Thuo Wanjoya is called on LIVE Tv as the first 1M GOLD winner, leaving only 1 last chance to the 7th August Gold winner!

Oooh what end of month good tidings!

Dr.Thuo [left] and his elder brother upon receiving the cheque

First – Tithe’s got to be paid

Second – I’m starting up a biz for Flo

Lastly – I’ll upgrade my studies

Dr.Thuo on plans with the money

Oblivious of the current change of things , Frank’s 2 daughters [aged 3 & 1] & niece play around the interview area reaching out for daddy.

His elder brother & sister in law can’t get over taking selfies on this memorable day.

The sun is out & the family now has a Millionaire – Ooh what joy!

Dr. Frank’s wife Florence Wairimu recounts with a smile how she’s on countless occasions’ depressed Francis from playing, notably because during the entire period he’s won just once – 300/=

And to note that this big win would then primarily set her up a business, was so self-effacing.

Joseph Mwangi [Franks elder brother] would then jump in citing the unyielding effort Frank put in just to see himself through school.

From contract based jobs to attachments, the Murang’a bred daktari hustled his way through Kenya Science & KMTC colleges for his diplomas.

Finishing his no pay internship at Murang’a Medical – would then be the epitome of his industriousness.

So no small win or Flo’s mocking would back him off from playing Lotto, especially after witnessing his blood sister win KES 8,000 previously.

We are so proud & happy for this boy

Joseph & his wife retaliated

For Dr. Francis Thuo – KES 1,000,000 becomes his first ever salary!

Congratulations Doc!


Maths Discipline In Lotto

Ms.Nyangweso all elated at the Lotto offices.

Looking to join a technical tertiary Institution in Kenya?

Well … they say JKUAT has a strong research interest in the areas of biotechnology and engineering.

It’s actually been ranked the most preferred University in Kenya for three years in a row.

Now let’s sight:

A group of Actuarist trainees are mind mapping in Baraka Hostels when the shrewd Mwangi dares none other than the quick – witted Cardine to game on Lotto Kenya.

You see, @ Lotto Kenya, as team Kenya represent at the Tokyo Olympics … Kenyans too have a chance to go for the Bronze, Silver & Gold prizes respectively in the LOTTO GOLD RUSH!

500K Bronze – Won by Faki already/ 750K Silver/ 1M Gold calculatively.

It is the Saturday 24th July Winning numbers;

33 , 27 , 20 , 23 , 8 , 32

that lands Cardine the craved SILVER JACKPOT bringing that draw to a victorious halt.

A round of applause to our second and FINAL Silver Jackpot Winner!

Well … What they say about JKUAT’s ingenuity could be true after all!

It was purely an attempt

and well… Luck fell on us

In reference to the group dare

This Woman Keeps Winning…

Well… Miss Nyangweso would strike you as such an intriguing lass – with her command of the English lingo and pose …

Listening to her speak over and over is such a pleasing aura only to be cut short by the fact that she has to run back to campus for her 1:30p.m Financial Economics CAT.

MCA Tricky, my whole clan was excited about the win

They watched it on TV like t’was a wedding live link

laughed Miss Nyangweso

It took 2 calls for the Actuarial Science senior Four student to believe that the win was actually real!

For Cardine Nyangweso Ambundo’s family – this assuredly – was a burden of relief from them

Ooh boy – My tuition fees – done!

I’m getting into the money market – FINALLY!

the thrilled trainee uttered

The mathematician keenly expressed her desire to win the 100M jackpot that would totally makeover her parents lifestlyle!

The first 1M Gold Ticket goes this Sat – 31st July.

Dare your guts to play!

Miss Cardine Nyangweso after the big luck


Fakii after receiving his cheque

Mwinyihaji Fakii Khatib, a retired banker received thee call on Saturday as he was watching 9 PM news with his family.

He had played for two years now and had won 250 bob severally then twice won 5K and now is a Bronze 500K winner!

Fakii was compelled to continue playing when he saw the good works done by the LOTTO FOUNDATION. He prides in being part of the noble deeds of the foundation to help the less fortunate in the society.

Fakii and his family

After retiring from his banking job of 30 plus years, his children advised him to stay home and let them take care of him as he had done since they were young.It has been sixteen years of retirement now.

He intends to use his cash prize to school three of his kids – one in degree program, one in Nursing school. He says he will even upgrade one of his children who did a diploma in ICT to a degree program!

Asked what he would do with the 50M prize were he to win and he said he would help his community in the education and health sectors.He has noted most youths in his area idling after high school due to lack of school fees for the next level of education.

This humanitarian advised people to participate in Lotto not for their own benefit but for the many that benefit from the charitable deeds of the foundation.

Likoni home…