Law Student Can Now Attend Pupillage

Martha Mura at the Lotto offices

Martha Wangari Mura walks to the Lotto offices 3 days after her big win.

It is her navy blue 3 – piece suit accompanied by her head – high spirit that steals the show.

The law student this second time, unlike the former looks more courageous and aware of her environment.

Ninafurahia sana kuwa mshindi kwa mara ya pili wa Lotto

Martha amidst all her radiancy

When your luck deserts you, even cold food burns

That though, is unlike Miss Martha’s case, the final year law educatee at the Kenya School of Law – Karen Campus is a two time winner with Lotto.

On 6th Feb 2021, Miss Martha proceeds’ to win 200K in the Valentine Jackpot & divides it half – half with her father who in her own words,

Dad is the only person that loves me for real

and sincerely

Martha in verbatim
Martha during her first win

Fate would then have it that the determined Miss would proceed to play towards the 50M Jackpot in 3rd March.

Winning her 250K instead, during the Lotto Live Show.

I was offered 20K which I rejected during the Live Show game, opting for box number 3, which won me 250K!

Martha narrates

Martha aims at making her peers from Laikipia county proud by chasing her law career to the core!

She can now comfortably rent her own house, finish paying all her school arrears & live comfortably during pupillage, as it comes with numerous complications.

Lotto is also for youngsters like me

Don’t just leave it for the old people

Martha Wangari concluded

Business lady matches 5 numbers and takes home 400,000ksh

Milkah Wangui Gakuya was declared a winner of 400,000ksh on January 5th 2021.

Milkah who is 52 has been a resident of Gilgil since birth, owning several businesses around the town.

The 52 year old had been playing lotto since June 2015, having won several amounts along the way. Her largest being 2,500ksh from just 50bob.

I was so motivated to keep playing because i know part of the money was going to charity.” she expressed her lotto interview

Winner testimonials she saw on TV also played a role in influencing the Gilgil resident to be more consistent at playing lotto.

This consistency would later pay off but the extent of disbelief Milkah went through on that lucky day could not be ignored. She even sent 10,000ksh to her husband just to confirm her win was legitimate.

The newly declared ‘top daily draw winner‘ will invest her money to increase her income.

The shop she owns will receive a full revamp, with increased stock and a whole new paint job including finishing.

Milkah will continue playing lotto with high hopes for more bigger wins.

The 52 year old has taken it up as her duty to encouraged several of her friends to start playing lotto as her win has dramatically changed their perspectives on life in general.


Data collector wins 3rd 1.1M SIKUKUU JACKPOT

Rose Akoth Anyango was declared a winner of 1,000,000ksh plus an extra 100,000ksh bonus on December 26th 2020.

Rose who is 35 has lived in Homabay her whole life, having worked as a data collector for several years in the area.

Before big win, the 35 year old had been playing lotto since June 2019, her main influence to play being radio and television winner testimonials.

I would make sure i played when i had some extra money” She said during her winner interview

On the day of her win, Rose had just had supper before she received a call from the lotto team and almost hang up as she could not come to terms with her fate.

In fact, it took several back and forth phone calls for the resident of Homabay to accept her new status as a millionaire.

To this millionaires favorite phrase has been “I have learnt never to take anything for granted and i now know to always be hopeful

After the win, Rose had to adjust and think based on the fast speed things were changing around her. She decided her priority was charity and donated the 100,000ksh bonus to a children’s home.

The remaining 1,000,000ksh, the millionaire decided to invest into business into two businesses, a shop for cereal and the other, a clothes boutique.

Rose will also put some money aside to be playing lotto more frequently and encourages kenyans to play lotto because ‘ít is real’


Hotel owner wins first 1.1M SIKUKUU Jackpot

Grace Nakhumicha Oyoko was declared a winner of the 1,000,000ksh plus 100,000ksh SIKUKUU jackpot on December 12th 2020.

Grace who is 51 years old is a resident of the county of Gilgil and a businesswoman.

Before her big win, the 51 year old had been playing lotto since 2017 winning several small amounts here and there.

According to grace her main motivation to start playing lotto came from seeing adverts of previous lotto winners on television. “if they can win, why cant i?” she stated during her winner interview.

On the night of her win, she received a phone call informing her of the great news and to this day Grace has never had a minute of sleep again.

The businesswoman will go ahead and donate some of 100,000ksh bonus to the church. The remainder she will help the needy around her area of residence.

As for the extra 1,000,000ksh, she plans to boost her hotel business by expanding and revamping the premises. She will also construct a house for her family.

Grace encourages Kenyans to play lotto becuase it is ‘true and real‘. In fact the 51 year old millionaire has gone a step further to teach her friends how to play Lotto.


1,000,000ksh win changes Guards life journey

Rodger Odhiambo Damba was declared a winner of 1,000,000ksh on November 28th 2020.

Rodger who is 30 originally hails from the county of Kisumu but recently moved to Nairobi to pursue greener pastures.

Little did the former resident of Kisumu know that luck was just around the corner for him and indeed he had found greener pastures.

He not only ended up getting a new job as a security guard but also bagged his 1st ever 1,000,000ksh just a few days after.

Before his big win, the 30yr old guard began playing lotto back in 2018 after taking over the mantle from his mother who was a consistent lotto player.

Rodger kept his hopes high and continued playing when he could. “I took a long break in 2019 and resumed a few months later” he said during his interview

On the day of his big win, the newly hired guard received a winner message but would not have any of it and quickly concluded he was being conned.

He later came to believe he was a lotto millionaire after a small sum of the amount was sent to him via MPESA.

Today, Rodger looks at life from a completely different angle. He encourages everyone to try lotto and never loose hope. “I will play even more to win the MEGA prize” the millionaire stated

The millionaire has big plans for the money. First to pursue some IT studies and next to build a house for both his mother and himself.

Congratulations Rodger!!