Her neighbor influenced her to play lotto and now she is a millionaire

Lydia Kemunto Mong’ ína was declared a winner of 1,000,000ksh IMARIKA JACKPOT on January 23rd 2021.

Lydia who is 36 is a resident of Nakuru and has been a businesswoman for the better part of her youth.

The 36 year old had been playing lotto since early 2015 before her big win with her main influence being the simple belief that she would be a winner one day.

On top of this influence, winner testimonials would also keep her and she specifically recalled that of Ezra Koech who has also been a resident of Nakuru and had earlier won an NP300 pick up from Lotto.

I would make sure I played when I had money. At least 3times a week” She also recalled during her winner interview

On the day of her big win, Lydia was in the kitchen cooking when she received a call at 10pm. After quickly switching to the lotto live show on TV, she could not believe her eyes.

One of the lotto live hosts had mentioned her as the big winner of the day, the 2nd 1,000,000ksh imarika jackpot winner.

This made Lydia the third millionaire 2021, a well deserved win for the youthful mother.

‘’I did not even eat what I had cooked, the excitement was too much, dreams are truly valid’’. The millionaire added during her interview

Her dream was to look for land and built a house that she could call her own and thanks to lotto, Lydia is on her way to meet her dreams.

The millionaire encourages everyone to try lotto because she in now convinced more than ever that it is real.

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