Truck driver wins final 1M ‘IMARIKA’ JACKPOT on last day of January

Peter Mwangi Wanjugu was declared the final winner of lotto’s 1,000,000ksh ‘IMARIKA’ JACKPOT on January 30th 2021.

Peter who is 51 is a resident of Laikipia and has been a long distance lorry driver for over a decade..

The 51 year old was proudly claims that he was one of the 1st people to play lotto back 2015.

According to him, his biggest motivation to start playing came from winners testimonials and the great work he would see carried out by the lotto foundation to change lives.

Peter who is married and a father of two says he will never forget the day of his win. He was far away in Garissa doing his usual long distance deliveries when he received a call.

My friends kept telling me its fake because I had not seen the cash yet but it definitely came through and I was very happy. ” the father of two stated during his winner interview

When he finally received part of the cash, he informed his co-worker and they decided to park the truck, trecking to the nearest bar just to confirm the money was legit and so it was.

Peter says the money came at exactly the right time because now he will be able to clear some school fees arrears.

A newly constructed house will also be ready for his 2 children to enjoy when they return from school.

The Laikipia resident had a few final words of wisdom ‘’All I can tell Kenyans is to try their luck with lotto, I believed and here I am’’.

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