Peter and his family

Ex security guard earning Ksh 10,000 per month is a thing of the past to this brand new millionaire. Peter lost his job and spent all his savings on his children`s school fees leaving him and his family financially strained.

Peter has been playing Lotto on and off since 2018.Never won. Never told a soul. He believed just as other winners he sees on Tv, his day would come, Si siku ndio hii imefika, he says with a huge smile.


he emphasises

In the spirit of if you cant beat them join them, his friends are now more than ever interested in learning how to play as well.

His wife, not convinced even after he received the call that night, now wants to spare some of her chamaa earnings to participate.

Peter and his wife

Peter has plans to renovate his house and since there`s water shortage in Mukuyuni – Makueni county, where he comes from.

He intends to buy a water tank to sustain his household.

He appreciates Lotto Kenya for making all that possible and urges everyone to participate and stand a chance to win.

What county lockdown …

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