Jane Mwangi after receiving her cheque.

The ex-banker aka Money Magnet from Nairobi says she considers herself a Lotto partner since she believes the money she uses to play is used by The Lotto Foundation to help the less fortunate and is actually the sole reason she continued playing since 2017.

Jane says a while back she had a dream where she was wearing a silver button and after Mshamba called her on Saturday night confirming her our Silver prize winner in the ongoing Lotto Gold Rush promotion ,it occurred to her what her dream was about.

Jane Mwangi and MCA Tricky at Lotto offices.

Just like most winners, she did not believe it when she was called and only believed after seeing on TV as the show was ongoing.

Jane intends to use the remaining part of her prize, after tithing, to develop her personal projects and says she will continue playing with the hope to win the mega jackpot.

Jane signs out singing, CHANGAMKA CHEZA LOTTO!

Shades of beauty….

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