Stima Finally In Siaya

Mama Eliza on realization of her big win

Nyanza Kenya boasts of many things

From being home to Lake Victoria, the world’s 2nd largest tropical freshwater lake – to having a political block that can brag to have the ability to pour its vote in one basket in the same period – to producing USA’s first black president are just but an intro –

The Luo’s are perceived to be proud & swankful of the beliefe that being a Luo is a very important thing.Luo’s respect and adore their heroes and there’s always one hero at a time.

With that debatably – exceptions are inherent. In the hamlet of Got Regee in Siaya County lodges Mama Elizabeth Ayiro – born and Bred in the Luhya community – settled in Siaya by marriage.

Jovial, a lover of God & more to it, an altruist is just but the utmost description of mama Eliza’s character. She stands by the corner scheming every move made by the Lotto crew as if trying to piece every photography technique.

Maggie & Jackton are clearly more stirred by their mother’s major win.

Lotto’s Wednesday Home Makeover wins – are a great anticipation to the Lotto players by now.

The players are announced and Mama Elizabeth Ayiro is just the lucky lady tonight on MCA Tricky’s Box number 5 announcement.


loosely translated to *I am Rich*

Mama Liz shouts upon her sit down with Tricky – who according to her sentiments, is as young as her grand children

Mama bought her first ticket in 2017 – won 3K and stopped playing

Short story… Right?

She goes ahead to resumption in March 2021, after hearing the Lotto Ads on Radio, just that this time round – steadfastly.

As discipline would have it – whatever you sow , you reap! She goes back home on the 28th of July in the wake of her big interview a 200K Home Makeover Winner!

Mama Elizabeth after her probe

Sasa nitaweka stima kwa boma

Compound yangu itakuwa na seng’eng’e

Maji pia nitavuta kwa boma

reported the elated grandmother

The benevolent Mama, who houses 2 orphans will also ensure the Grade 5 & Form 1 pupils report to school, with paid up bank slips.

It will go in record that Lotto rep MCA Tricky never met a happier contestant as his interview was often halted by ululations from the elated mother & grandma.

For Alizabeth Ayiro Waudi , it is the desire to win & make life bearable

What’s the force for you?


An elated dani with her kids – Magret & Jackton Waudi

JKUAT senior shines

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