The Senior Investor

Mr.Mutiso the Millionaire

Kajiado county should be on your radar if you gravitate more towards a peaceful environment with unmatched co-existence between different communities. It would be safe to say the rapid growth of this county was propelled by overpopulation in Nairobi.

Residents of this lovely county are the type that plant their own food, keep livestock in large numbers among other traditional activities you wouldn`t find easily in a city.

Our winner John Mutisya Mutiso is no different. The Makueni native moved to Kajiado with his family, bought parcels of land and settled. Lotto team find him and his son, who doubles as his manager, busy at their latest project site.

Mr.Mutisya upon recieving his cheque.

The father of four intends to finish this current project then start another one with his prize, which he manifested a while back and even told his son about. He says he calls his children to the farm one by one for interviews to establish where they are at in life. He motivates them to elevate their lives. To him nothing beats independence.

As we walk to his home, we pass by one of his farms which he uses to plant grass for his livestock to feed on. As time goes by, this farmer intends to buy more parcels of land to plant grass just to feed his livestock.

John Mutiso 1Million Gold Winner.

Residents of Ula Village turned out in numbers to celebrate with this gentleman , whom most of them described as kind, ambitious and hardworking. We couldn`t agree more. This man is a visionary.

We wish him all the best in his endeavours.

“Things I didn`t tell my wife”…

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