You Click! You Win!

Photographer Eric on receiving his cheque

Age really is just but a number.

The greatest advice that good luck has for you is this: “Do not look for me. I will find you.”


Plus that just summarizes the life of 23 year old Eric Kago Njuguna.

Eric like most born 90’s, while perusing through face book, came across the *mylottokenya* page and was immediately intrigued.

And In June 2021 – Bang! he was onto the game

•  He’d SMS 6 Numbers from 0-49 (separated by comma or space) followed by WEB to 79007.

• He’d then enter his Mpesa PIN to authorise a Ksh50 charge and get his ticket.

For the next 10 or so weeks – that would then be the trend.

As luck would have it – on the 21st of August – in the 2nd bunch of the Jumbo Jackpot Winners – Eric Kago Njuguna won KES 500,000!

I won Ksh 150 before

which gave me reason to want to much more numbers

revealed the excited photographer.

The freelance videographer/photographer from Kikuyu – Kiambu County plans to buy production equipment [ camera/lights/microphones & Gimbal] and also take a TV/Film Production course at the University.

What a bright kid!

Nimefurahi sana. Sijawahi furahi hivi.

Hii pesa ni mob!

cited Erico

The Film enthusiast was quick to reveal that if he won the coveted 100M,

He’d set up a whole Film Studio with all the necessary equipment.

Lotto is Real. Try your Luck. You never know. You might win! We close in Eric’s own words.

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