From Watchman To Caretaker To Millionaire

Manasseh Mukhwana Kasili picks his 1M cheque

Is there a life graph for the phases in life?

Well… There could be – You could either choose to work in it’s direction, or create your own culture.

You know like … School – Get Dream Job – Have a Family – Get Rich – Live the best Life thereafter

Life though has it’s own lessons… You either triumph or beat yourself up while at it!

Let’s go on a journey

Take a motorbike from Lutaso & alight @ Mayanja – Kitunguu

Get a vehicle to Kandui – Then another to Chwele

From Chwele board a vehicle to Bungoma

From Bungoma get Shuttle Great Rift Van to Nairobi which will drop you @ the Afya Center Departure Point!

Mzee Manasseh Mukhwana took that whole trip to land a security Guard job in Nairobi City.

I have a family & school going kids

I would do anything to see them get their basics

Explained Manasseh on circumstances surrounding his first job search

42 year old Mzee Manasseh who’s now a caretaker in Western Kenya – Bungoma later chose to resign citing meagre wages – not allowing him to sustain is family.

The caretaker has been playing since 2019 with the great urge to continue after a Ksh 50,000 win.

On the 4th of August , mzee Manasseh was immediately triggered to play after the daily Lotto Messages reminder & winner announcements.

As luck would have it , immediately @9p.m close of draw, he was selected the big winner of 1 Million.

I rushed to the car packed outside & sat still.

I really wanted to absorb the news first

confessed the millionaire
Manasseh Mukhwana the new Millionaire

Mzee Mannaseh, who has a 21 year old 3rd year student @ Rongo University, a Form Four High School student & 2 other kids will sit with them, including the wife & plan on investments.

Asked to give an advise

In life, always look at what you have

Not what you don’t have

Mzee Manasseh closed at that

My first time in Nairobi

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