Kale Speaking Elder Wins 0.5Million

Josea’s son [far right], Winner Josea Kipkemoi & neighbour Philemon [far left]


Think of those names & your mind automatically shifts to Nandi County

Nandi County is renowned for its heritage, landscapes, its cool highland climate and vistas of rolling tea plantations.

That’s the county that produced the country’s half Millionaire on the night of September the 11th.

65 year old Josea Kipkemoi arap Meli started playing Lotto in 2019 by the help of his trusted neighbour Philemon – who not only helps him operate his android phone, but also reads wins/lotto messages for the elderly Kalenjin speaking citizen.

I was so excited upon my win

I rushed to Philemon for confirmation

translates Philemon

You see, Mzee Kipkemoi is a Kalenjin elder who’s unfamiliar with the Swahili dialect.

On the interview day, he’s accompanied with his older son and neighbour Philemon [doubling up as his translator]

Mzee Kip who’s into the poultry business will now boost his kuku business, & pay fees for his son in the University.

An elated mzee Kipkemoi upon receiving his 500K cheque

The Lotto Jumbo Jackpot at this point almost comes to a close with Josea Kipkemoi arap Meli splitting 1Million with mama Rose Jepkemboi.

One lucky 1Million winner to go

NP 300 Nissan grand prize to go

Play Lotto & win just like mzee Josea arap Meli.

Congratulations sir!

Father of 4 wins big on…

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