The Fashion Millionaire

The fashionista receiving her 1M cheque

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” —Bill Cunningham

That is exactly the mantra 28 year old Ivy Njambi stands on

I adore good clothing

I am definitely opening a clothes stall

kicked off the Millionaire

For a housewife from Eldoret – Kapsaret – what bigger desire would one have that to posses their own dynasty 1 day?

For Ivy – it was just a normal evening at her Eldoret home, catching up with her 3 year old and nanny when the winning call came.

Good Lord – I went blank!

then a deafening scream ensued.

narrates the excited shy Ivy

It would then not catch the Lotto team by surprise when the mother of 1 dawned for Nairobi on the interview day. A whooping 5-6 hour drive to just have her nails & eye lashes proper before her TV moment.

They say marriage can take you anywhere

That is no different from the new Millionaire’s ordeal. With Mt.Kenya origins, she finally settles in the busy land of champions – ELDORET, by marriage.

In a family that understands gaming, playing Lotto for Ivy Njambi wasn’t a surprise to the husband [a sports fanatic who bets on games at times].

I have been playing since 2017

However this happens to be my very first win

confesses Ivy Njambi

What a lucky woman!

Clad in a black plaited dress, wrapped up in a black kimono & finished off with black sandals – the 28year old is careful to pose for some fashion-levelled shots for us before the interview culminates.

Ivy reminisces how she first heard of Lotto on radio ads and encourages ladies to try their luck at it.

The Lotto Jumbo Jackpot comes to an end on 2nd Oct with the promise of a Nissan NP300 yet to be won.

All the best.

Ivy Njambi confirm the cheque is indeed hers

Dr . Frank bangs gold…

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