Watchman Turned Millionaire!

Security guard Tarus on receiving his cheque

From a distance, you would gaffe Mr. Kibiwot Tarus for an insurance broker. His sharp look, bright eyesight and clever judgement –

No wonder he’s been appointed security overseer at the posh Eldoret Town home.

In a matter of 2 – 3 days

I will honourably part ways with my employer…

then set up my own farm with 2-3 employees

Mzee Kibiwot’s confession.

Surprised … right?

You see – For the month of October – Kenya celebrates it’s heroes

@lotto you are our hero – that’s why we award 1.5M to every living hero.

It is the morning of 30th October when PB 777 000 is pressed on Kibiwot’s phone – He chooses his 6 numbers, Account – KASS, Amount 150/=.

It is not until 10p.m in the Lotto Live show that Kibiwot Tarus receives his winning call.

End Month! 1.5Million richer!

What Luck!

Millioaire Kibiwot [right] & Lotto representative Maureen [ left]

Deep in the slopes of Kemeloi – Barsombe – Cherenganyi Constituency – Trans Nzoia County we find Mzee Tarus.

The wheat & maize farmer is an adamant gamer with Lotto since 2016.

His unwavering spirit has since won him 10K & 25K previously.

Watu wa Kemeloi – Lotto ni ukweli mtupu

Si mmeniona leo kwa TV?

encouraged Kibiwot

She kept hope that …

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