Farmer – Final Shujaa Millionaire

The tea Farmer. The Millionaire

We travel to the depths on Nandi County, Kapsabet Town, Chesumei Constituency, Kosirai, & settle at Kaptiltil village.

The air is fresh, plantation blossoming, sky blue & the atmosphere so joyous.

It’s the homestead of Mzee Benjamin Kiprotich Keino that hosts us this hot noon.

Song after song/ hymn after hymn/ Melody after melody/ Praises after praises, fill the air Kaptiltil.

There’re lot’s of villagers ready to receive us – a tent for visitors – a public address system for communication – & family – to rejoice with their brother Ben.

The women – at the far most corner of the tent are outdoing each other with vocals.

From a driver – business woman – Fish monger – watchman – Mashujaa Jackpot finalizes on a Farmer.

Lotto – for the month of October only – has made 5 normal citizens – Multi Millionaires! It’s the LOTTO MASHUJAA JACKPOT!

Gladys Chepkorir Keino – the winner’s wife – while holding their daughter – Joy Chepkemboi – confesses;

I always felt my husband was wasting money & being Frauded

Now I believe it!

This win will enormously boost us livelihoods

Gladys would then resolve to try play the game & more to it – teach others how to –

Ben’s neighbours who were puffed with joy and unbelief at the same time were full of congratulatory messages and eager to know how to participate in the game.

Ben ajipange vizuri na hio pesa

Asiitumie kiholela holela

edvised his gathered neighbours
Ben and Kaptiltil villagers break into celebration

LOTTO MASHUJAA JACKPOT came to a finale on the 30th of October making the winning call to one – Benjamin Kiprotich Keino.

It was his previous 500/=, 300/=, 50,000/=, 100,000/= wins respectively that got him to believe the 1.5Million win!

I started playing in 2015

I always looked forward for a bigger amount

revealed Mzee Benjamin

The tea farmer will now comfortably pay his kids education & finish his construction.

100/= won Benjamin 1.5Million.

Be encouraged!

This journalist won …

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