Nanyuki Farm Boy Wins 1M

Dennis on meeting Lotto Rep MCA Tricky

Christmas is here!

Happy Holidays!

Lotto brings you the MEGA CHRISTMAS!

LOTTO MEGA CHRISTMAS. 3 vehicles, cash prizes, Mbuzi’s & Gift Hampers. Over 50,000 winners just this December!

It is 10p.m East African time when the presenters make the winning call

The first Mega Jackpot prize of Million goes to Dennis Koiyangi!

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A wide silence is followed by a deafening scream all the way from Meru – Tigania West Constituency.

Shamba boy cum Millionaire – Dennis Koiyangi earns the Millionaire title this 4th day of December 2021.

As Dennis sets forth for the interview with MCA Tricky at Nairobi’s Michuki Park – his visage is glowing – shy man this one – but full of joy!

The 2 jump onto one of the vehicles being given away for Christmas.

It’s been 5 years of playing Tricky

I have only won small 1K/2K/3K Bonuses

Dennis starts off

The Nanyuki based shamba boy attributes his motivation to play on those small bonuses.

Look at him now!

Dennis celebrates his win

I am married with 2 kids

Their fee is now sorted!

Dennis on what he will do with the money

Dennis is sure he won’t go back to his shamba boy work – what is certain though is that he’s grateful to his employer.

Lotto ni ukweli

Sio ndoto

Just play it

concluded Millionaire

What better way to end an interview by breaking into a Praise song

Dennis does just that! And in Meru dialect!

I won twice …

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