Rarieda Tailor Is First Probox Winner

Mama Beatrice on receiving her car keys

It is 10p.m on 18th of December 2021.

Mrs. Beatrice Auma Owiti is still by the sewing machine finishing on last minute client orders.

Mshamba and Makori [Lotto Presenters] are in the studio puffed up with lot’s of winning news;

  • First Winner on Call – Wins 10K
  • Second Winner on Call – Wins 50K
  • Big Probox Winner – Beatrice Auma Owiti

The big announcement is made & Beatrice breaks in a deafening scream

It is evident from her voice that by this time she’s probably jumping helter skelter.

She hands over the phone to her husband amidst background cheer who get’s confirmation from the Lotto Presenters that the win indeed is legit!

Asante sana

Sijui kuendesha gari

Lakini nitatafuta dere…

bursts back Betty

You see – 39 year old Beatrice Auma Owiti has been playing since 2016 January,

This Bondo – Rarieda tailor is big on charity

Having won only small amounts of Ksh.75/150/300 – with no witness of big wins – The Lotto Foundation CSR activities kept her on check

Niliona vile mnasaidia huku ushago wakati wa Corona

Nikasema nitaendelea kucheza

Ndio mimi pia nisupport

confessed Betty soberly
Betty & Family celebrating their new car

As much as for a moment Betty thought her Probox win was fradulent

She closes her interview with assuarity;

Cheza Lotto, Sio Ndoto

Utashinda kama mimi Beatrice

The tailor is confident – transport business will pick up well with her newly acquired probox.

Congratulation maám

Shamba Boy wins…

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