Hotelier – 500K Rich!

Mr. Hudson Chimwani – 500K rich!

Conceptualize meeting a winner for an evaluation & they treat you to a grand luncheon.

The meal served by Hudson

Now that’s the vigour of hoteliers!

It is the evening of Jamhuri Day when Hudson receives the winning call

You are the winner of 500K

The announcer goes

Christmas couldn’t have approached any better for the elderly man.

For a man who started playing in 2015 – 500K is a big win

I have kids in Boarding School & at the University,

Their cost of schooling, is now sorted!

disclosed the winner
Bev Nita [Lotto Rep] hands over cheque to Hudson

This was a win so real that the first thing Mzee Hudson Chimwani embarked on was to teach at least 20 of his customers how to participate in the game.

Ethical man this one!

I am now looking at a 10M win

Jipeeni bidii – Msikufe moyo

surmised the half Millionaire

A tailor wins…

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