“I Saw a 100M Vision”

Mama Catherine Gathoni poses with her 250K cheque

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others …

I saw a vision one night …

I had won 100Million

reveals Madam Cate

100Million is Lotto’s Mega Jackpot!

On the 22nd night of January 2022 – The winning call goes to one Catherine Gathoni Gitau.

Tonight’s lucky ticket number is


And the winner of 250K is…

Catherine Gitau

Mshamba & Bev announce

The news is met by an exhilarated madam Cate who creams & exclaims in her Kikuyu dialect

uuuuwiiiiii – Mwathani Mwega

68 year old Visionary wins 250K with the Lotto Jiboost Promotion.

I am excited & I thank God for winning Lotto

I am so grateful to God

Kept declaring mum Cate

For Madam Catherine – who’s been playing since 2016…

250K is a huge win!

The Gitanga road based woman has no previous recorded win & just like any other mamma – First thing that comes to her mind is the home;

She admits to now having cash for;

  • Sanding
  • Floor Repair
  • Repainting
  • Bathroom Repair

Madam Cate is also careful to sort out matters *Medical Insurance*

Madam Cate Receiving her 250K cheque

For mamma Cate – It’s prudent for her to admit that there’s no magic to winning Lotto.

Some people disapprove of Lottery

but I accept this as a gift from God

Mamma Cate concludes

For the visionary Fabric Seller – Her 100M vision is yet to manifest

From 250K – 500K – 1M – 10M – 100M!

All the best!

I will buy motorbike …

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