Egg Supplier All The Way To Diani

Mr.Naftaly enjoying his Diani Trip
Diani Beach

This is just but a snippet of Diani Beach – That Naftaly Njema Kabuya gets to enjoy pre valentine with his wife & date – Esther Kabuya.


Lotto’s offering a GUARANTEED 1M every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY.

A trip to Mombasa/Diani and the Mara!

3000 GUARANTEED Winners of 100K – 1M daily.

To participate – Send 50 – 1K .PB 777 000. ACC WEB.

The first Sat of Feb – 5th – is a striking one for Naftaly

I was at a funeral gathering when the winning call came through

Too confused to react I was

Naf starts off

It was the winning call that disrupted Naftaly’s attendance in the late night gathering.

The night was striking – 46 year old Naftali being torn between celebrating his win or empathizing with the bereaved.

Born and raised in Murang’a …

Settled in Nakuru’s – Gacura area by proffesion …

The 46 year old parents 4 kids – Form 4 candidate/Class 8 candidate/Class 5 pupil and a 2 year old!

Lotto Representative Bev Nita handing Naf his cheque

I have been playing since 2016…

With a previous win of only 500/=

continued Naf

The poultry careerist is an egg supplier to egg retailers in Nakuru…

He confesses that he’s grown from selling 10 crates to 100!

With a 250K win – he’s fated on rearing layers for egg production.

My family is bereaved of a grandmother

but this win can keep us positive in the meantime

closes Naftaly

There’s still a fully paid Mombasa & Mara Trip to Go!

Play Play and Win Today!

31 year old winner …

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