1,000,000ksh win changes Guards life journey

Rodger Odhiambo Damba was declared a winner of 1,000,000ksh on November 28th 2020.

Rodger who is 30 originally hails from the county of Kisumu but recently moved to Nairobi to pursue greener pastures.

Little did the former resident of Kisumu know that luck was just around the corner for him and indeed he had found greener pastures.

He not only ended up getting a new job as a security guard but also bagged his 1st ever 1,000,000ksh just a few days after.

Before his big win, the 30yr old guard began playing lotto back in 2018 after taking over the mantle from his mother who was a consistent lotto player.

Rodger kept his hopes high and continued playing when he could. “I took a long break in 2019 and resumed a few months later” he said during his interview

On the day of his big win, the newly hired guard received a winner message but would not have any of it and quickly concluded he was being conned.

He later came to believe he was a lotto millionaire after a small sum of the amount was sent to him via MPESA.

Today, Rodger looks at life from a completely different angle. He encourages everyone to try lotto and never loose hope. “I will play even more to win the MEGA prize” the millionaire stated

The millionaire has big plans for the money. First to pursue some IT studies and next to build a house for both his mother and himself.

Congratulations Rodger!!

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