Hotel owner wins first 1.1M SIKUKUU Jackpot

Grace Nakhumicha Oyoko was declared a winner of the 1,000,000ksh plus 100,000ksh SIKUKUU jackpot on December 12th 2020.

Grace who is 51 years old is a resident of the county of Gilgil and a businesswoman.

Before her big win, the 51 year old had been playing lotto since 2017 winning several small amounts here and there.

According to grace her main motivation to start playing lotto came from seeing adverts of previous lotto winners on television. “if they can win, why cant i?” she stated during her winner interview.

On the night of her win, she received a phone call informing her of the great news and to this day Grace has never had a minute of sleep again.

The businesswoman will go ahead and donate some of 100,000ksh bonus to the church. The remainder she will help the needy around her area of residence.

As for the extra 1,000,000ksh, she plans to boost her hotel business by expanding and revamping the premises. She will also construct a house for her family.

Grace encourages Kenyans to play lotto becuase it is ‘true and real‘. In fact the 51 year old millionaire has gone a step further to teach her friends how to play Lotto.

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