Data collector wins 3rd 1.1M SIKUKUU JACKPOT

Rose Akoth Anyango was declared a winner of 1,000,000ksh plus an extra 100,000ksh bonus on December 26th 2020.

Rose who is 35 has lived in Homabay her whole life, having worked as a data collector for several years in the area.

Before big win, the 35 year old had been playing lotto since June 2019, her main influence to play being radio and television winner testimonials.

I would make sure i played when i had some extra money” She said during her winner interview

On the day of her win, Rose had just had supper before she received a call from the lotto team and almost hang up as she could not come to terms with her fate.

In fact, it took several back and forth phone calls for the resident of Homabay to accept her new status as a millionaire.

To this millionaires favorite phrase has been “I have learnt never to take anything for granted and i now know to always be hopeful

After the win, Rose had to adjust and think based on the fast speed things were changing around her. She decided her priority was charity and donated the 100,000ksh bonus to a children’s home.

The remaining 1,000,000ksh, the millionaire decided to invest into business into two businesses, a shop for cereal and the other, a clothes boutique.

Rose will also put some money aside to be playing lotto more frequently and encourages kenyans to play lotto because ‘ít is real’

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