Godffrey with his cheque

Godffrey Waweru Ngugi, a 47 year old living in Mombasa`s Likoni area has seen his Lotto participation grow from winning Ksh 200 to a whooping Ksh.200,00 since November 2016.

The former barman who lost his job due to the pandemic, was making himself a meal when he recieved a call from Lotto Kenya with the news of his win.

The father of two, and husband of one, pulls to a corner to play Lotto even as we set up for the interview. He says he is not about done winning and will continue playing to win more.

As he heads back to the Coast, Godfrey purposes to open up a retail shop with the money he won to be able to keep thing running for himself and his family.

From someone who has won as little as Ksh.200 to Ksh.200,00

I advice everyone to CHANGAMKA,CHEZA LOTTO

he says

Ask mama Hannah…



Peter and his family

Ex security guard earning Ksh 10,000 per month is a thing of the past to this brand new millionaire. Peter lost his job and spent all his savings on his children`s school fees leaving him and his family financially strained.

Peter has been playing Lotto on and off since 2018.Never won. Never told a soul. He believed just as other winners he sees on Tv, his day would come, Si siku ndio hii imefika, he says with a huge smile.


he emphasises

In the spirit of if you cant beat them join them, his friends are now more than ever interested in learning how to play as well.

His wife, not convinced even after he received the call that night, now wants to spare some of her chamaa earnings to participate.

Peter and his wife

Peter has plans to renovate his house and since there`s water shortage in Mukuyuni – Makueni county, where he comes from.

He intends to buy a water tank to sustain his household.

He appreciates Lotto Kenya for making all that possible and urges everyone to participate and stand a chance to win.

What county lockdown …


Of Young Couples & Luck

Daisy Chepkurui on getting her cheque

It is 8:30p.m on Wednesday the 16th of July 2020.

Lotto presenters MCA Tricky & Beverly Nita are having their faces blushed & attires fitted ready for the biggest Gaming show in Kenya – LOTTO LIVE!

It is now 10p.m as the Lotto Montage runs – there’s Lotto player *Ryan Ryan* in studio to play the game LIVE – He goes back home with a cool 50K.

15 seconds later – The big win – It’s the guaranteed 200K – Home Makeover for 23 year old Daisy Chepkirui.

Daisy & her husband during the Interview

I was so happy upon the win

I gave a deafening scream

cited Daisy

INTERVIEWER : Who are you here with?

WINNER : My husband & son Fidel Kiplang’at

INTERVIEWER : You two look pretty youthful

WINNER : Oooh yeah. I’m just 23, my hubby is 29 [giggles shyly]

INTERVIEWER : Where do you come from?

WINNER : Ooh my all the way from Bomet. It’s actually my first time in Nairobi … and I’m pretty … [pause]


WINNER : No [chuckling] Excited! [ Holding firmly onto baby boy Fidel]

INTERVIEWER : What do you do in the daily

WINNER : Oooh boy I’m a contract-based tea picker. My husband is a plumber though. Do you know Bukacha –

INTERVIEWER :[nodding in repulse]

WINNER : Next to Motiko Factory.

INTERVIEWER: Not conversant…

WINNER : That’s where the Tea factory is. I actually missed work today [cheekily]

INTERVIEWER : For how long have you participated in the game

WINNER : Since 2019 . No recorded win [laughs] but we still push on.

INTERVIEWER : Anyone in Bukacha area ever won before

WINNER : No… wait … at least not anyone I know of …

INTERVIEWER : Which then defeats the fact that you’ve continued playing Lotto tirelessly

WINNER : I see winners on TV & I know this thing is real! [sternly]. I have actually convinced so many people to play esp after my big win. I just teach them the game pole pole. Bukachians love Lotto.

INTERVIEWER ; Are you doing a home revamp with your Make Over win…

WINNER : I’d I’ve loved too… but what’s foremost now is to indulge in a money making venture. I’ll convert the win to money and open up a boutique in Bomet town…

INTERVIEWER : Wow wow … Do we call it Bomet boutique or Daisy Boutique

WINNER : [without hesitation] Let’s call it Daisy Lotto Boutique

[Both laughing at the quick creativity of Daisy Chepkirui, baby Fidel is now throwing tantrums uncontrollably.]

Remember to tune into K24 & KAMEME TV every Wednesday@ 10p.m

Here at Lotto, we call out on all Youthful people to participate in the game and win just like Daisy.

I lost 3 pigs …


Githurai Youth Now A Millionaire

The elated Ronny Njau

Beneath the radiating smile – 4 hours prior the interview lay a despondent down – casted spirit.

Ronny, sited at the anteroom maintained a head below the chin look. The only visible thing at a quick glance towards his direction would then be his faded-green cap.

I lost 3 pigs

My 3 pigs

It is only a swineherd that would understand the torture of loosing an animal, and in Ronny’s case – 3pigs.

The hustler – now turned Millionaire was quick to count his blessing and put it into good use

I definitely I’m investing all this money in pig farming.

The returns here are up to the mark.

retaliated the now excited winner

You see Ronny Njau Chege is a husband and young father of a 4 year old beautiful daughter.

The inhabitant of Githurai – Kwa Chief juggles up to 3 contract based jobs in a day other than the pig rearing.

The first phase of LOTTO MADARAKA JACKPOT materialized on 22nd May, making Ronny – one among 3 Millionaires.

This really is a call to youths to participate in the game as it makes millionaires of both the elderly & the young, the timid & intellectuals, the believers & non-religious.

Ron on receiving his cheque

Mr.Njau, now in lifted spirits narrates on how upon receiving the winning call… literally gushed out of the house celebrating.

Ladies & Gentlemen, meet Ronny Njau Chege – The Newest Millionaire in Town!

I love my wife so…

Remember – gaming can be addictive. Play Responsibly!


Lotto Makes Boutique Lady Multi Millionaire

Big Madaraka winner Jane Nyokabi Wokabi

At the end it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.”

Denzel Washington

This statement demystifies rightfully Mrs. Wokabi’s life mantra.

The free – handed retail clerk would then go ahead & postulate

I can’t wait to visit a children’s home or one for the aged & gush them with lot’s of goodies

said the 2M winner

The wife and mother handles up to 2 jobs in a day – being a mother tripling it [as they say, being a mother in itself is a full time job]

No wonder getting hold of Jane Nyokabi Wokabi for a TV Testimonial can be a full time job.

The potato & vegetable farmer operates @ the esteemed JUDY Boutique situated at the navel of Meru town.

It is her travelling nature that incorporates Nairobi – Uganda – Meru manoeuvre, buying & exchanging stock that makes her a hard gem to hold grasp on.

The MADARAKA JACKPOT came to a close on 5th June, declaring the entrepreneur a multi millionaire at 10p.m

The winning call caught me by surprise.

I was just sited with my family when it came through

cited multimillionaire Jane

Giving up on the game wasn’t a language Jane could understand, winner stories on TV & Radio was her biggest hope topped up with her 200K previous win.

Lotto Rep Aloyce handing Jane her 2M cheque

On being asked about her ploy with the money, other that CSR, she was careful to remember restocking *JUDY Boutique* & expanding her subsistence farming.

We hope this encourages Meru – Gitembeni residents to increase their winning hopes.

Congratulations Jane!

The salonist won…