Nanyuki Farm Boy Wins 1M

Dennis on meeting Lotto Rep MCA Tricky

Christmas is here!

Happy Holidays!

Lotto brings you the MEGA CHRISTMAS!

LOTTO MEGA CHRISTMAS. 3 vehicles, cash prizes, Mbuzi’s & Gift Hampers. Over 50,000 winners just this December!

It is 10p.m East African time when the presenters make the winning call

The first Mega Jackpot prize of Million goes to Dennis Koiyangi!

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A wide silence is followed by a deafening scream all the way from Meru – Tigania West Constituency.

Shamba boy cum Millionaire – Dennis Koiyangi earns the Millionaire title this 4th day of December 2021.

As Dennis sets forth for the interview with MCA Tricky at Nairobi’s Michuki Park – his visage is glowing – shy man this one – but full of joy!

The 2 jump onto one of the vehicles being given away for Christmas.

It’s been 5 years of playing Tricky

I have only won small 1K/2K/3K Bonuses

Dennis starts off

The Nanyuki based shamba boy attributes his motivation to play on those small bonuses.

Look at him now!

Dennis celebrates his win

I am married with 2 kids

Their fee is now sorted!

Dennis on what he will do with the money

Dennis is sure he won’t go back to his shamba boy work – what is certain though is that he’s grateful to his employer.

Lotto ni ukweli

Sio ndoto

Just play it

concluded Millionaire

What better way to end an interview by breaking into a Praise song

Dennis does just that! And in Meru dialect!

I won twice …


From Boda boda to Van!

Toyota Hiace winner with the log book and key

On the night of 27th November 2021 – the LOTTO LIVE studio is full of vibe.

Clock ticks 10p.m and it’s time for the big announcement.

The winner of the Toyota Hiace Van is

Michael Kilonzo Munyao

Lotto Representatives announce

It is day Finale of the DANDIA MAMILLI NA LOTTO Powerdraw!

All roads lead to Nairobi’s Embakasi – Fedha area.

A parade of motorcyclists receive us …

I am so happy my son won the Lotto van

Mike’s dad jerks us up

For a family with 3 cars – one owned by the grand father, another by Mike’s first uncle & the last one by his big brother – This is an added blessing.

Maze Mike ametupea moyo wa kucheza

jumps in rider Fredrick aka Banoma

Our brother ameshinda! Tumefurahi sana

closes off rider Morris

You see – for a Boda Boda rider – especially a calm one like Mike – most of his colleagues love him.

He operates his Boda Boda in the busy drive throughs of Fedha’s – Nairobi area.

Mike [checked shirt] is joined by his dad & colleagues in celebration

The 31year old is geared to get into the transport space with his newly acquired vehicle.

Tea farmers in …


I won 900K – Then 1.5M

Millionaire Hannah Wangui tending to her livestock

What do they say about luck?

That it knocks once in a lifetime?

What if the knock comes twice?

Well – maybe that becomes tenacity.

Mama Hannah Grace Wangui won 900K in 2019 …

The prize money enabled her to school her kids comfortably and even buy some cows.

Fast forward to the night of 2021/11/20 , the 1.5Million winning call lands on Hannah Grace Wangui – again!


Th 51 year old livestock farmer who doesn’t converse much can now renovate her cattle shed & venture into poultry farming.

Hannah Wangui receiving cheque

Githunguri – Kiambu County makes a Multi Millionaire!

Where are you representing from?

Watchman Millionaires in Kenya …


Farmer – Final Shujaa Millionaire

The tea Farmer. The Millionaire

We travel to the depths on Nandi County, Kapsabet Town, Chesumei Constituency, Kosirai, & settle at Kaptiltil village.

The air is fresh, plantation blossoming, sky blue & the atmosphere so joyous.

It’s the homestead of Mzee Benjamin Kiprotich Keino that hosts us this hot noon.

Song after song/ hymn after hymn/ Melody after melody/ Praises after praises, fill the air Kaptiltil.

There’re lot’s of villagers ready to receive us – a tent for visitors – a public address system for communication – & family – to rejoice with their brother Ben.

The women – at the far most corner of the tent are outdoing each other with vocals.

From a driver – business woman – Fish monger – watchman – Mashujaa Jackpot finalizes on a Farmer.

Lotto – for the month of October only – has made 5 normal citizens – Multi Millionaires! It’s the LOTTO MASHUJAA JACKPOT!

Gladys Chepkorir Keino – the winner’s wife – while holding their daughter – Joy Chepkemboi – confesses;

I always felt my husband was wasting money & being Frauded

Now I believe it!

This win will enormously boost us livelihoods

Gladys would then resolve to try play the game & more to it – teach others how to –

Ben’s neighbours who were puffed with joy and unbelief at the same time were full of congratulatory messages and eager to know how to participate in the game.

Ben ajipange vizuri na hio pesa

Asiitumie kiholela holela

edvised his gathered neighbours
Ben and Kaptiltil villagers break into celebration

LOTTO MASHUJAA JACKPOT came to a finale on the 30th of October making the winning call to one – Benjamin Kiprotich Keino.

It was his previous 500/=, 300/=, 50,000/=, 100,000/= wins respectively that got him to believe the 1.5Million win!

I started playing in 2015

I always looked forward for a bigger amount

revealed Mzee Benjamin

The tea farmer will now comfortably pay his kids education & finish his construction.

100/= won Benjamin 1.5Million.

Be encouraged!

This journalist won …


Watchman Turned Millionaire!

Security guard Tarus on receiving his cheque

From a distance, you would gaffe Mr. Kibiwot Tarus for an insurance broker. His sharp look, bright eyesight and clever judgement –

No wonder he’s been appointed security overseer at the posh Eldoret Town home.

In a matter of 2 – 3 days

I will honourably part ways with my employer…

then set up my own farm with 2-3 employees

Mzee Kibiwot’s confession.

Surprised … right?

You see – For the month of October – Kenya celebrates it’s heroes

@lotto you are our hero – that’s why we award 1.5M to every living hero.

It is the morning of 30th October when PB 777 000 is pressed on Kibiwot’s phone – He chooses his 6 numbers, Account – KASS, Amount 150/=.

It is not until 10p.m in the Lotto Live show that Kibiwot Tarus receives his winning call.

End Month! 1.5Million richer!

What Luck!

Millioaire Kibiwot [right] & Lotto representative Maureen [ left]

Deep in the slopes of Kemeloi – Barsombe – Cherenganyi Constituency – Trans Nzoia County we find Mzee Tarus.

The wheat & maize farmer is an adamant gamer with Lotto since 2016.

His unwavering spirit has since won him 10K & 25K previously.

Watu wa Kemeloi – Lotto ni ukweli mtupu

Si mmeniona leo kwa TV?

encouraged Kibiwot

She kept hope that …