NP300 Nissan To Kajiado

Grace Sopiato Ene Saningo in her brand new Nissan

Melody after melody resonated in the busy streets of Kajiado

It is the 2nd day of October . The grand FINALE of the LOTTO JUMBO Jackpot

The grand prize – NP300 Nissan double Cabin!

  • 2.4 litre petrol engine
  • 105kW of power at 5600rpm and 205NM of torque at 3600rpm 
  • compression ratio of 9.2:1.
  • Twin Turbo 7AT AWD (190 HP)
  • Engine capacity (cc). 2389 cc ·
  • No. of cylinders. 4 ·

It is a huge night for Lotto presenters Mike Makori and Mshamba at the Lotto Live set as it is for the soon to be Nissan winner.

The moment befalls – and the Live announcement made all the way to one-mama Grace Sopiato is returned with a shout of joy!

Nimetembea na miguu nimechoka

winner’s response in verbatim

As Lotto representative MCA Tricky and the Lotto crew land in Kajiado – praises and praises rest on them inform of song.

49 year old bubbly mama Grace Sopiato has placed them on Lotto’s map.

It is a no wonder therefore that the Emashuru market has converged to celebrate this win.

My vegetables can now reach the retail shop easily

I can also get water to my boma without tiring

Grace was quick to say

Grace Sopiato Ene Saningo – the green grocer from Kajiado East started playing Lotto in 2020 & has since won herself Ksh.175,180 before the double Cabin.

Talk of lucky people! She must have been born on a Friday this one.

With the Lotto Foundation Food support team reaching interiors like Embarbal & Naningoi, Grace couldn’t have been more than encouraged to continue participating in Lotto.

REM ; Every time you play Lotto, 25% of your ticket money goes into Lotto Foundation, which goes a long way in supporting different communal projects.

Find your inspiration – & let it win you Lotto

Emashuru villagers join Grace in celebration

Congratulations Grace!

My first visit to Nairobi won…


The Fashion Millionaire

The fashionista receiving her 1M cheque

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” —Bill Cunningham

That is exactly the mantra 28 year old Ivy Njambi stands on

I adore good clothing

I am definitely opening a clothes stall

kicked off the Millionaire

For a housewife from Eldoret – Kapsaret – what bigger desire would one have that to posses their own dynasty 1 day?

For Ivy – it was just a normal evening at her Eldoret home, catching up with her 3 year old and nanny when the winning call came.

Good Lord – I went blank!

then a deafening scream ensued.

narrates the excited shy Ivy

It would then not catch the Lotto team by surprise when the mother of 1 dawned for Nairobi on the interview day. A whooping 5-6 hour drive to just have her nails & eye lashes proper before her TV moment.

They say marriage can take you anywhere

That is no different from the new Millionaire’s ordeal. With Mt.Kenya origins, she finally settles in the busy land of champions – ELDORET, by marriage.

In a family that understands gaming, playing Lotto for Ivy Njambi wasn’t a surprise to the husband [a sports fanatic who bets on games at times].

I have been playing since 2017

However this happens to be my very first win

confesses Ivy Njambi

What a lucky woman!

Clad in a black plaited dress, wrapped up in a black kimono & finished off with black sandals – the 28year old is careful to pose for some fashion-levelled shots for us before the interview culminates.

Ivy reminisces how she first heard of Lotto on radio ads and encourages ladies to try their luck at it.

The Lotto Jumbo Jackpot comes to an end on 2nd Oct with the promise of a Nissan NP300 yet to be won.

All the best.

Ivy Njambi confirm the cheque is indeed hers

Dr . Frank bangs gold…


Soi Mama Mboga Wins 500K

Mama Rose Jepkemboi at the Lotto offices

Rose Jepkemboi arrives at the Nairobi bus terminus late in the evening for her Lotto interview the next day.

Distance would never make her late for the big interview.

It is her brother Samson Saina – now Shujaa – whom credit is directed to for the 500K win

Ooh Sam would give me money to game

I love that man

chuckles Rose

By looks, you wouldn’t tell mama Rose is a grandmother already!

Beautifully clothed in her floral diira and long – kimonoish brown sweater. She’s trim!

It’s the 25th night of September 2021 – The Lotto Live call is directed all the way to Uasin Gishu county, Soi Location, the small village of Kapkawa.

Rose Jepkemboi is the Jumbo Jackpot winner of the 500K prize money!

The vegetable farmer, who first participated in 2017 – took a break on playing Lotto after a while. She’d then proceed to play in mid 2018, hault & finally to seriously try a chance at it in May 2021!

That final decision was her biggest win – 500K!

A whole half millionaire.

Every time I had no hopes in winning, I’d stop playing

I am now happy for trying every now and then

confessed the elated mama

The blessed Farmer stays with some of her grand children & as for now their fees are sorted!

She’s careful to support her elderly parents with the money, it’s often said though;

Opportunity, meets preparation

I have a 50*100 piece of land to my name

I can now construct rental houses!

concluded the excited landlady to be

Now that’s more like it

The Lotto team wishes you the best Rose Jepkemboi

Rose Jepkemboi picking her cheque

I only speak Kalenjin but…


Mama Stima Wins Again

Elizabeth [centre in a green headwrap] celebrates with family
Jovial, a lover of God & more to it, an altruist is just but the utmost description of mama Eliza’s character. She stands by the corner scheming every move made by the Lotto crew as if trying to piece every photography technique.

That’s how Lotto described Elizabeth Ayiro upon the first physical encounter.

Little to nothing has changed about her ever since. Even with the new half Millionare title she still remains calm, sitted at the Michuki Park bench as she awaits the commencement of her big interview.

With her – are Magret & Jackton Waudo [her children] & 2 other female family members who are overjoyed – would mistake the win for ‘theirs’

Nilicheza Lotto, Ikanitengenezea boma

Bado tu inaniendeleza!

puffed out the jovial mama

If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.” William Goldling

That perfectly describes Elizabeth Ayiro, who on 21st July after winning a 200K Home makeover :

Wired electricity to her homestead

Fenced her boma

Talk of luck – a week later the hardworking mama wins Ksh 500,000 in the Gold Rush Power draw – making her a Bronze Winner!

My lotto wins range from

Ksh 3K – 200K – 500K

busted a joyous Elizabeth Ayiro

Mama Elizabeth – confident with her plans – reveals she will get water connected from the source directly to her homestead.

Ooooh what joy!

Elizabeth on receiving her cheque

Indeed the 54 year old , farmer, mother & grand mother is content

All the best Elizabeth Ayiro Waudi!

Stima in Siaya County …


Kale Speaking Elder Wins 0.5Million

Josea’s son [far right], Winner Josea Kipkemoi & neighbour Philemon [far left]


Think of those names & your mind automatically shifts to Nandi County

Nandi County is renowned for its heritage, landscapes, its cool highland climate and vistas of rolling tea plantations.

That’s the county that produced the country’s half Millionaire on the night of September the 11th.

65 year old Josea Kipkemoi arap Meli started playing Lotto in 2019 by the help of his trusted neighbour Philemon – who not only helps him operate his android phone, but also reads wins/lotto messages for the elderly Kalenjin speaking citizen.

I was so excited upon my win

I rushed to Philemon for confirmation

translates Philemon

You see, Mzee Kipkemoi is a Kalenjin elder who’s unfamiliar with the Swahili dialect.

On the interview day, he’s accompanied with his older son and neighbour Philemon [doubling up as his translator]

Mzee Kip who’s into the poultry business will now boost his kuku business, & pay fees for his son in the University.

An elated mzee Kipkemoi upon receiving his 500K cheque

The Lotto Jumbo Jackpot at this point almost comes to a close with Josea Kipkemoi arap Meli splitting 1Million with mama Rose Jepkemboi.

One lucky 1Million winner to go

NP 300 Nissan grand prize to go

Play Lotto & win just like mzee Josea arap Meli.

Congratulations sir!

Father of 4 wins big on…