Farmers & Lotto Luck!

Samuel Sitienei arrives @ the Michuki Park for the cheque Handover

The Lotto Jumbo Jackpot is making Winners and changing Lives!

From mechanics to technicians to photographers and most recently… commonly farmers.

Farmers till so hard – maybe that’s why luck is seeking them.

After Madam Selly Meli hoping on the first Jumbo Million,

Photographer Eric & Farmer Samuel hop onto the 2nd one, getting equals of 500K each!

Mzee Sitienei is a tree Nursery farmer from Kapsabet – Nandi County.

The elderly man showed up for the interview – sharp – in a grey broken suit, ready to receive his cheque.

His joy – unmeasurable!

I started playing Lotto in 2016

& only won Ksh 70

stated Mr.Samuel Kipchumba Sitienei

His biggest stimulus would then be the Foundation activities that tirelessly pushed him to play, with the aim of providing for the less advantaged.

Now see what his good intentions got him …

From Ksh70 to 0.5Million!

My kids’ school fees – sorted

Mzee couldn’t be happier

The Nandi County farmer also plans to use the money to improve his tree nursery techniques.

I don’t regret the day I heard Lotto on TV

It has done me well

A happy man’s confession

Lotto is real! Lotto Foundation is Changing Lives! I am changed

What better way to finish than in Mzee Sitienei’s words.

Mzee Kipchumba Sitienei the 500K winner

You Click! You Win!

Photographer Eric on receiving his cheque

Age really is just but a number.

The greatest advice that good luck has for you is this: “Do not look for me. I will find you.”


Plus that just summarizes the life of 23 year old Eric Kago Njuguna.

Eric like most born 90’s, while perusing through face book, came across the *mylottokenya* page and was immediately intrigued.

And In June 2021 – Bang! he was onto the game

•  He’d SMS 6 Numbers from 0-49 (separated by comma or space) followed by WEB to 79007.

• He’d then enter his Mpesa PIN to authorise a Ksh50 charge and get his ticket.

For the next 10 or so weeks – that would then be the trend.

As luck would have it – on the 21st of August – in the 2nd bunch of the Jumbo Jackpot Winners – Eric Kago Njuguna won KES 500,000!

I won Ksh 150 before

which gave me reason to want to much more numbers

revealed the excited photographer.

The freelance videographer/photographer from Kikuyu – Kiambu County plans to buy production equipment [ camera/lights/microphones & Gimbal] and also take a TV/Film Production course at the University.

What a bright kid!

Nimefurahi sana. Sijawahi furahi hivi.

Hii pesa ni mob!

cited Erico

The Film enthusiast was quick to reveal that if he won the coveted 100M,

He’d set up a whole Film Studio with all the necessary equipment.

Lotto is Real. Try your Luck. You never know. You might win! We close in Eric’s own words.


From 500/= to 500K

James Miriti on receiving his cheque

It is the exhilaration of farmers and first time big winners that puts a smile on our faces.

The Lotto Jumbo Jackpot has had it’s fair share of beginner winners being Farmers. The smile on their faces – priceless!

It’s the market town of Nanyuki in Laikipia County that hold luck of one of the winners’ in the 3rd bunch of the Lotto Jumbo Jackpot Winners.

James Miriti M’ncbere is the winner of KES 500,000!

The 62 year old looked nothing short of a 37 year old with a beaming smile & bouncing footsteps accompanied by his elderly son to the interview seclusion.

I started playing in 2015

I have won shs.60/250/500/600 before

confessed Mr.Miriti

Mr. Miriti specializes in meat Farming and with his half a Million win, can’t wait to construct a cow shed, uplift his farming methods & specifically indulge into zero grazing.

For every ticket played, 25% of 5the proceeds go to the Lotto Foundation that assist in various community projects.

James Miriti being a first hand witness of the Foundation activities would then be motivated to play tirelessly.

Lotto ni ya Ukweli na inainua

concluded the 500K Winner

Mr.Miriti though pretty excited on securing the winning call , confessed to not believing the news of the win.

It took 2 calls to convince the Farmer.

Asked on what he’d do with a 100M win?

Definitely start up a Children’s Shelter.

Winner’s son, Mr.James M’ncbere and Lotto Rep Bev Nita.

Best of luck M’ncbere!


First Nairobi Visit First Million

Sang presenting the 1M cheque to Madam Selly Meli.

It is the Lotto Jumbo Jackpot – and there’s upto 100Million to be won!

Kenyans are ready with their ticket numbers.

It is the 14th of August & the first Jumbo – 1M Winner is yet to be announced!

Beverly Nita & Mshamba : Selly Meli you are the winner of KES 1,000, 000!

Selly [on the other side of the call] : [with a suppressed laugh] Asante sana! Asante sana!

Selly Chepotip Meli is the first Millionaire of the JUMBO JACKPOT!

Ooh what a hustle and bustle Nairobi City can be. With the matatus all over, pedestrians on each angle of the streets, loud sounds, market sale shouts – 24/7 movement and no dormancy!

What a joy though for 42 year old chicken & vegetable farmer to be in Nairobi for the First Time.

Her only description for the Capital at this point – would definitely be *The City Under the Sun* & to her *Oooh what a sight to behold!*

Imagine staying in the village of Kapkeben – Uasin Gisu – Eldoret all your life & boom! a visit to Nairobi presents itself, topped up with KES 1,000,000 – ooh what luck!

Sikujua nitawahi kuja Nairobi

Lotto imenileta Nairobi!

Selly said almost playfully

The farmer now turned Millionaire heard of Lotto on Radio in 2020 & has been playing since then.

Citing, if the money has been helping other Kenyans , why not her?

It is that winning & never giving up zeal that won her KES 108,150 before the Millionaire move.

Madam Meli will now finish constructing her house comfortably, buy dairy cattle, boost her farming and maybe open up a small scale shop.

Hii Lotto ni ukweli!

Ni mara yangu ya kwanza kushika 1Million!


Encouraged Madam Meli
Madam Meli accompanied by her family

The Senior Investor

Mr.Mutiso the Millionaire

Kajiado county should be on your radar if you gravitate more towards a peaceful environment with unmatched co-existence between different communities. It would be safe to say the rapid growth of this county was propelled by overpopulation in Nairobi.

Residents of this lovely county are the type that plant their own food, keep livestock in large numbers among other traditional activities you wouldn`t find easily in a city.

Our winner John Mutisya Mutiso is no different. The Makueni native moved to Kajiado with his family, bought parcels of land and settled. Lotto team find him and his son, who doubles as his manager, busy at their latest project site.

Mr.Mutisya upon recieving his cheque.

The father of four intends to finish this current project then start another one with his prize, which he manifested a while back and even told his son about. He says he calls his children to the farm one by one for interviews to establish where they are at in life. He motivates them to elevate their lives. To him nothing beats independence.

As we walk to his home, we pass by one of his farms which he uses to plant grass for his livestock to feed on. As time goes by, this farmer intends to buy more parcels of land to plant grass just to feed his livestock.

John Mutiso 1Million Gold Winner.

Residents of Ula Village turned out in numbers to celebrate with this gentleman , whom most of them described as kind, ambitious and hardworking. We couldn`t agree more. This man is a visionary.

We wish him all the best in his endeavours.

“Things I didn`t tell my wife”…