Living With What You Love

Simon [Anne’s husband] & Anne, Lotto reps Bev & Msondoro pose for a pic after shopping at Carrefour.

It is the dry landscape of Ongata Rongai that shelters madam Anne Wambui who, as referenced *Loves Living with what she loves*

May though, which is a month away from July [being the coldest month in Rongai] has an average high-temperature of 20.9°C (69.6°F) and an average low-temperature of 10°C (50°F).

It’s for this reason therefore that there’s a heavy downpour as the Lotto team accompanies Madam Ann plus her husband back home with a truck – full of household items.

I love my old house stuff. They have serviced me for years but…

if they don’t change, I don’t grow

confessed Anne with her husband’s back up

Madam Anne Wambui Wainaina gets back home assured of a swap.

It is the Lotto Live Call on 8th May that changed her home, if not life… forever!

Box number 5 gave her the desired prize – Home Makeover – worth 200,000/= making her the 2nd winner of the same jackpot, after Naivasha’s Esther Muthoni.

Esther Muthoni – First Makeover Winner

I have been playing since 2018 in vain

Don’t loose hope

Lotto sio Ndoto, ni ya ukweli

uttered Madam Anne

The middle aged woman walked into Carrefour stores with calculated moves.

She knew precisely what she needed;

  • Samsung Washing Machine
  • Samsung Crystal UHD Android 55′ smart Tv
  • Ramtons Water Dispenser
  • 2 Von Solo Microwaves
  • Kenwood Sandwich Maker
  • Von 50WATT RMS Subwoofer
Anne Wambui at Carrefour stores

I can’t wait to send photos to my daughter in Australia

This thing is real!

she repeatedly said

Simon Njoroge – husband to the winner, echoed the same narrative. “We had old household items, now they are new. Lotto ni Ukweli”.

Anne’s intuition on the sincerity of her position as a Makeover winner didn’t fail her because she had witnessed other people win on the Lotto Live shows every WED & SAT @10p.m on K24 and KAMEME Tv.

You too can be a big winner!

It is our honour to extend our felicitations to you Anne Wambui Wainaina

Farmer wins nissan for…


Langa Langa FC Coach Wins Big

Japheth Oyoko Likoko celebrates on his big win

It is the busy town in Vihiga County – BUNYORE that has been making headlines in a week now!

57year old Japheth Likoko, born & bred in Bunyore, walks to the renovated Michuki Park head high accompanied by a relative!

It is the CHANUKA na LABOUR DAY Jackpot shoot day! As civil workers take a rest to commemorate their hard work, Lotto spearheads Kenyans to start up an income generating hustle and/or boost their business!

It was Saturday the 1st of May when the Father of 4 received his life changing call:

You are the winner of a brand new Toyota Hiace

It comes with a years’ comprehensive cover & a KES500,000 bonus

Winning call

The Farmer, who’s presently settled in Gilgil – Nyandarua Country couldn’t contain himself as he broke in a deafening scream, which is considered odd for the male gender – needless to say.

I have played for over 3years without winning

KES 50/= won me a whole matatu

remarked Mr.Likoko

Mr. Likoko’s biggest playing stimulus has been the Lotto Foundation. For him – 25% of his ticket going into activities partaking with feeding the famished, supporting fights against COVID-19 with hygiene essentials has been his greatest satisfaction.

Mr. Likoko receiving his 0.5M cheque

Langa Langa FC have a reason to smile because their coach will buy them football jerseys.

Mr. Likoko has kids in school who’s fees are now sorted.

As for the TOYOTA HIACE, he definitely is venturing into the matatu scope.

Lotto pays

It is not a lie

encouraged the elated football fanatic
200K changed my home..


Father chooses son to receive extra 100K valentines prize

Charles Muli Kakya was declared a winner of 100,000ksh plus an extra 100,000ksh for his partner on Lotto’s VALENTINE JACKPOT on February 6th 2021

Charles who is 69 and a resident of Kitui is currently unemployed due to an accident that left him nursing serious injuries.

The 69 year old had been a long distance driver for several years before his unfortunate accident.

Charles who is married and a father of 7 had been playing lotto since 2015 before his big win.

For the father of 7, the biggest influence to start playing lotto was the simple belief that he would be a winner one day. This belief did not make him a winner just once but a winner over 5 times with lotto.

The long time lotto player would even borrow money to play and sometimes get discouraged by people who thought he was wasting his time and money.

Now in 2021, the old man has a lot to say and show to those who did not believe in his dream.

The day after his win, the valentines jackpot winner called over all his friends and neighbors for a lunch bbq just to prove his win.

He also went ahead to give 100,00ksh to his son because of the support and love he has shown his father.

The rest of the win amount he will clear some school fees balances for his children and also send them pocket money.

The jackpot winner encourages everyone to play lotto because it is true and real.


Vlogger gifts his grandfather with 100k valentines bonus

John Wanjala Sinani was declared a winner of 100,000ksh plus an extra 100,000ksh for his partner on Lotto’s VALENTINE JACKPOT on February 13th 2021

John who is 31, married and a father of one has been a vlogger and farmer for several years.

The 31 year old had been playing lotto since December 2019 before his big win.

”Too many life problems made me start playing lotto, i just needed a big win to change my life a little bit” the vlogger admitted during his interview

True to his word, John chose his grandfather to receive the 100K valentines bonus to support his medical condition.

Although the vlogger can call himself a lotto winner today, he doubted every bit of it on that lucky Saturday as he expressed that the winner message he received did not have a code as he was used to.

John only came to believe his win after he received the sum through M-pesa but it still was not as easy as that.

He still had to send 2,000ksh to his sons account just to confirm the amount was genuine.

His win will now go into his farming business where he wishes to expand into commercial farming to increase income.

John encourages the young guys to play lotto more as it is not just for the old people.


‘I love my wife so much, that is why i chose her to get my 100k valentines bonus’

Patrick Napill was declared a winner of 100,000ksh plus an extra 100,000ksh for his partner on Lotto’s VALENTINE JACKPOT on February 13th 2021

Patrick is an insurance accountant who is 52, married and a resident of Nairobi.

The 52 year old had been playing lotto since 2015 winning small amounts here and there before his big win.

Ironically the biggest motivation for the accountant to start playing lotto was not the money but the good work the foundation had been doing.

Patrick did not even think twice after his win. He quickly called his wife Roselyn Mbone and informed her that he had chosen her to receive the extra 100K valentines bonus.

Roselyn who is a businesswoman decided to invest the money into their farm to increase commercial income.

She explained that she was targeting the planting/rainy season to maximize on good yield.

Her husband on the other hand will use the remainder of his win to clear some fees balance for their children.

Patrick says that Kenyans should enjoy playing lotto because it helps the needy through charity.