You Defend! You Win!

Said Abdi alias Mwamba receives his 200K cheque

Name me some football Defender strengths ?

  • Defending Ability.
  • Speed.
  • Strength/Shielding Ability.
  • Heading Ability.
  • Passing Ability.

You narrate the above, and a sketch of Said Abdi Mwinyi alias Said Mwamba appears.

The temperatures @ Nairobi are still pretty low – 24° Highs/ 12° Lows. Mwamba’s freezing at the interview chambers. For a Mombasa based man – such lows are alarming.

Dressed in Jungle green sarks, grey cotton pants & sport shoes – a clear indication that he wasn’t prepared for such *lows*

He institutes the session with a throwback of his football days.

Oooh boy – Mwamba loves the leather game.

MCA TRICKY : What team were you supporting in the UEFA Super Cup?

MWAMBA : Chelsea!

And just like that – KABOOM – Chelsea takes it home

For a football fanatic & former player – Said Mwamba has mastered the art he’s been on from the age of 5.

Drive down to the Coast – past Mikindani – Jomvu – Mabati – Kwa Mwanzia parish & striker – turned – Plumber Mwamba – is a legend – a force to reckon with – for his former football prowess.

The 47 year old father of 2 teenagers attributes his *KNOW HOW* of the Lotto game to his long time buddy *Mudibo* who took him through the nitty gritties of the game.

I have played since 2016

with small winnings of KES 50 – 70/=

narrates Said Mwamba

His defending resilience definitely takes him through to his 4th August win

He sticks to box number 9 & Mshamba announces him the 200K Home Makeover prizeman!

Said loves his kids so much & the house revamp is automatically for their comfort ;

  • 32” Digital Full HD LED TV AC/DC
  • NF758SBS(SL), 2 Door Side By Side, 562L (362L Refrigerator/200L Freezer) – Silver
  • 0-440.C/ VAC4F400C 4 Gas Cooker – Copper
  • 5*6 Mattress
Said the Winner

And the thread continues

You win a 200K home makeover or 1Million in the JUMBO JACKPOT!


He’s a taxi driver but …