Githurai Youth Now A Millionaire

The elated Ronny Njau

Beneath the radiating smile – 4 hours prior the interview lay a despondent down – casted spirit.

Ronny, sited at the anteroom maintained a head below the chin look. The only visible thing at a quick glance towards his direction would then be his faded-green cap.

I lost 3 pigs

My 3 pigs

It is only a swineherd that would understand the torture of loosing an animal, and in Ronny’s case – 3pigs.

The hustler – now turned Millionaire was quick to count his blessing and put it into good use

I definitely I’m investing all this money in pig farming.

The returns here are up to the mark.

retaliated the now excited winner

You see Ronny Njau Chege is a husband and young father of a 4 year old beautiful daughter.

The inhabitant of Githurai – Kwa Chief juggles up to 3 contract based jobs in a day other than the pig rearing.

The first phase of LOTTO MADARAKA JACKPOT materialized on 22nd May, making Ronny – one among 3 Millionaires.

This really is a call to youths to participate in the game as it makes millionaires of both the elderly & the young, the timid & intellectuals, the believers & non-religious.

Ron on receiving his cheque

Mr.Njau, now in lifted spirits narrates on how upon receiving the winning call… literally gushed out of the house celebrating.

Ladies & Gentlemen, meet Ronny Njau Chege – The Newest Millionaire in Town!

I love my wife so…

Remember – gaming can be addictive. Play Responsibly!

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