1.5M To Fish Monger!

The newest Millionaire in town

Tricky ; Eiiish bachelor , sasa utapata bibi haraka very fast

Lawrence ; [laughs uncontrollably]

Judging at first sight Lawrence Otieno strikes like [flash back] that Chemistry teacher that you loved to repel – the stern one? Yes

It could be the Hard, harsh, or severe facials.

Once the interview kicks off the judgement is completely errored by a soft spoken easy man.

Along the Northern Corridor that links the Mombasa port to the Kenyan coast to Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo we find Lawrence Otieno – at the Busia border – selling his fish – as is norm.

27 year old Lawrence Otieno only started playing Lotto this year and would then go head to make it a routine.

It is the night of October 25th that completely gave his emotions a turn around

I almost missed that golden call

I had just won myself a clean 1.5Million

narrated the excited fish monger

Lotto Mashujaa Jackpot comes to it’s peak – Producing 3 winners in a row.

  • Pius Maingi Mulwa – 1.5Million
  • Lilian Bukachi Elizabeth – 1.5Million
  • Lawrence Otieno – 1.5Million

Lawrence – being the youngest of the 3

The remaining prizes range from 1.5M to a brand new Toyota Hiace Van.

The bachelor first saw the Lotto Ads on TV – but it’s only upon witnessing his close friend play – that the drive came.

Lucky man!

He’s since won prize money of Ksh.400 before the Millionaire move.

I am definitely taking my fish selling business online

it got to grow

cited the Millionaire
Lawrence on receiving his cheque

Lawrence is quick to note that he will build his desired home and well … maybe get a wife now

[Tricky bursts into laughter]

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