Vlogger gifts his grandfather with 100k valentines bonus

John Wanjala Sinani was declared a winner of 100,000ksh plus an extra 100,000ksh for his partner on Lotto’s VALENTINE JACKPOT on February 13th 2021

John who is 31, married and a father of one has been a vlogger and farmer for several years.

The 31 year old had been playing lotto since December 2019 before his big win.

”Too many life problems made me start playing lotto, i just needed a big win to change my life a little bit” the vlogger admitted during his interview

True to his word, John chose his grandfather to receive the 100K valentines bonus to support his medical condition.

Although the vlogger can call himself a lotto winner today, he doubted every bit of it on that lucky Saturday as he expressed that the winner message he received did not have a code as he was used to.

John only came to believe his win after he received the sum through M-pesa but it still was not as easy as that.

He still had to send 2,000ksh to his sons account just to confirm the amount was genuine.

His win will now go into his farming business where he wishes to expand into commercial farming to increase income.

John encourages the young guys to play lotto more as it is not just for the old people.

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