Dr.Frank Thuo Bangs Gold

The gleeful Wanjoyas’

July with it’s 10 °C / 50 °F low temperatures’ just ended and August 3rd’s trying to false us with clearer skies.

There’s a little shuffle at the Lotto headquarters with *Mummy this* *Dada I want the phone* *cries* *coos* & *gurgling noises*

It’s the new Millionaire in town – and the whole of Wanjoya’s family, In – laws & the entire posterity.

Well – for a whole Millionaire – the limp – is justifiable.

Talk of a calm person, painstaken, – talk of Dr.Thuo

Medical School – 4 years

Married – 4 years

Gaming on Lotto – 4 years 7 months

For a 27 year old Clinical Officer, giving up on the game was not something he’d give credence to?

All those Winner Stories I saw on Kameme Tv…

There’s no way this game could’ve been fictitious

cited the collected daktari

The LOTTO GOLD RUSH Finales on the 8th of August & this, for Dr. Frank Thuo was pure felicity!

On 31/07/2021 @ the media max studios & Frank Thuo Wanjoya is called on LIVE Tv as the first 1M GOLD winner, leaving only 1 last chance to the 7th August Gold winner!

Oooh what end of month good tidings!

Dr.Thuo [left] and his elder brother upon receiving the cheque

First – Tithe’s got to be paid

Second – I’m starting up a biz for Flo

Lastly – I’ll upgrade my studies

Dr.Thuo on plans with the money

Oblivious of the current change of things , Frank’s 2 daughters [aged 3 & 1] & niece play around the interview area reaching out for daddy.

His elder brother & sister in law can’t get over taking selfies on this memorable day.

The sun is out & the family now has a Millionaire – Ooh what joy!

Dr. Frank’s wife Florence Wairimu recounts with a smile how she’s on countless occasions’ depressed Francis from playing, notably because during the entire period he’s won just once – 300/=

And to note that this big win would then primarily set her up a business, was so self-effacing.

Joseph Mwangi [Franks elder brother] would then jump in citing the unyielding effort Frank put in just to see himself through school.

From contract based jobs to attachments, the Murang’a bred daktari hustled his way through Kenya Science & KMTC colleges for his diplomas.

Finishing his no pay internship at Murang’a Medical – would then be the epitome of his industriousness.

So no small win or Flo’s mocking would back him off from playing Lotto, especially after witnessing his blood sister win KES 8,000 previously.

We are so proud & happy for this boy

Joseph & his wife retaliated

For Dr. Francis Thuo – KES 1,000,000 becomes his first ever salary!

Congratulations Doc!

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