Single mom starts of 2021 with 1M ‘IMARIKA’ JACKPOT Win

Nancy Moraa Gwaro was declared a winner of 1,000,000ksh IMARIKA JACKPOT on January 16th 2021.

Nancy who is 36 is a resident of Limuru and has been involved in the clothes selling business for several years.

The 36 year old had been playing lotto since early 2020 before her big win, her main encouragement being her mother who would play often.

I would make sure I played 3-4 times a week. At least once every day on a good week” she stated during her winner interview

On the day of her big win, Nancy had played 3times that Saturday which was fairly unusual as she had never played that much in a day.

Whether it was a lucky feeling or just mere instinct that caused the resident of limuru to increase her play on the same day she won is still a mystery but all in all, it paid off.

That same evening, she would receive a call informing her of her Lotto win. “I thought it was a prank because my family would always prank me about winning lotto but not anymore’’ Nancy reminisced  

After the call, the 36 year old immediately turned on her TV and switched to the lotto live show where she heard her name being called out confirming her win.

For Nancy, the confirmation brought more suspense than assurance as she found it hard to believe that she had an extra 1,000,000ksh to her name.

The newly declared millionaire has already made use of some of her winnings. Her two sons have already received school fees for both college and primary.

In addition, some of the winning will be used to construct a house for the family.

To the lotto players, the millionaire encourages them to continue playing because life is about hope. ‘One minute you have nothing and the next you are a millionaire‘.

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