First Nairobi Visit First Million

Sang presenting the 1M cheque to Madam Selly Meli.

It is the Lotto Jumbo Jackpot – and there’s upto 100Million to be won!

Kenyans are ready with their ticket numbers.

It is the 14th of August & the first Jumbo – 1M Winner is yet to be announced!

Beverly Nita & Mshamba : Selly Meli you are the winner of KES 1,000, 000!

Selly [on the other side of the call] : [with a suppressed laugh] Asante sana! Asante sana!

Selly Chepotip Meli is the first Millionaire of the JUMBO JACKPOT!

Ooh what a hustle and bustle Nairobi City can be. With the matatus all over, pedestrians on each angle of the streets, loud sounds, market sale shouts – 24/7 movement and no dormancy!

What a joy though for 42 year old chicken & vegetable farmer to be in Nairobi for the First Time.

Her only description for the Capital at this point – would definitely be *The City Under the Sun* & to her *Oooh what a sight to behold!*

Imagine staying in the village of Kapkeben – Uasin Gisu – Eldoret all your life & boom! a visit to Nairobi presents itself, topped up with KES 1,000,000 – ooh what luck!

Sikujua nitawahi kuja Nairobi

Lotto imenileta Nairobi!

Selly said almost playfully

The farmer now turned Millionaire heard of Lotto on Radio in 2020 & has been playing since then.

Citing, if the money has been helping other Kenyans , why not her?

It is that winning & never giving up zeal that won her KES 108,150 before the Millionaire move.

Madam Meli will now finish constructing her house comfortably, buy dairy cattle, boost her farming and maybe open up a small scale shop.

Hii Lotto ni ukweli!

Ni mara yangu ya kwanza kushika 1Million!


Encouraged Madam Meli
Madam Meli accompanied by her family

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