From 500/= to 500K

James Miriti on receiving his cheque

It is the exhilaration of farmers and first time big winners that puts a smile on our faces.

The Lotto Jumbo Jackpot has had it’s fair share of beginner winners being Farmers. The smile on their faces – priceless!

It’s the market town of Nanyuki in Laikipia County that hold luck of one of the winners’ in the 3rd bunch of the Lotto Jumbo Jackpot Winners.

James Miriti M’ncbere is the winner of KES 500,000!

The 62 year old looked nothing short of a 37 year old with a beaming smile & bouncing footsteps accompanied by his elderly son to the interview seclusion.

I started playing in 2015

I have won shs.60/250/500/600 before

confessed Mr.Miriti

Mr. Miriti specializes in meat Farming and with his half a Million win, can’t wait to construct a cow shed, uplift his farming methods & specifically indulge into zero grazing.

For every ticket played, 25% of 5the proceeds go to the Lotto Foundation that assist in various community projects.

James Miriti being a first hand witness of the Foundation activities would then be motivated to play tirelessly.

Lotto ni ya Ukweli na inainua

concluded the 500K Winner

Mr.Miriti though pretty excited on securing the winning call , confessed to not believing the news of the win.

It took 2 calls to convince the Farmer.

Asked on what he’d do with a 100M win?

Definitely start up a Children’s Shelter.

Winner’s son, Mr.James M’ncbere and Lotto Rep Bev Nita.

Best of luck M’ncbere!

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