Logistics Manager on the 500K Vibe

The manager on receiving her cheque

The Lotto team gets to Embakasi East’s constituency in Utawala at noon to meet the elated but shy half Millionaire.

The clouds are on the Lows of 13 degrees/ and Sunshine Highs of 28 degrees.

The air quality is ideal for normal outdoor activities.

We therefore set up an open air interview.

MAKORI : Tuko na nani hapa?

LYNN : Naitwa Lynn Kemunto Patrick

MAKORI : For how long have you played Lotto?

LYNN : Man … It has been a long time [thinking] man … a long long long time [laughs]

MAKORI : Won anything before?

LYNN : Ahaa – Naaah – Nothing! [laughing it off]

MAKORI : So Lynn just won a huge amount – Lynn what did you win?

LYNN : 500 thousand Kenyan Shillings [wearing a huge smile]

MAKORI : So Lynn, what plans do you have with this money?

LYNN : I own a logistics company. I’m def buying 2/3 motorbikes for deliveries so that I don’t disturb clients & for errands to run smoothly.

MAKORI : Is Lotto real?

LYNN : Very real! Watu waendelee kucheza. Big things are coming guys!

Lynn Kemunto’s first win comes in the dry January Period

Play now! Luck is definitely coming your way too!

My Boarding School Kid …

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