From Boda boda to Van!

Toyota Hiace winner with the log book and key

On the night of 27th November 2021 – the LOTTO LIVE studio is full of vibe.

Clock ticks 10p.m and it’s time for the big announcement.

The winner of the Toyota Hiace Van is

Michael Kilonzo Munyao

Lotto Representatives announce

It is day Finale of the DANDIA MAMILLI NA LOTTO Powerdraw!

All roads lead to Nairobi’s Embakasi – Fedha area.

A parade of motorcyclists receive us …

I am so happy my son won the Lotto van

Mike’s dad jerks us up

For a family with 3 cars – one owned by the grand father, another by Mike’s first uncle & the last one by his big brother – This is an added blessing.

Maze Mike ametupea moyo wa kucheza

jumps in rider Fredrick aka Banoma

Our brother ameshinda! Tumefurahi sana

closes off rider Morris

You see – for a Boda Boda rider – especially a calm one like Mike – most of his colleagues love him.

He operates his Boda Boda in the busy drive throughs of Fedha’s – Nairobi area.

Mike [checked shirt] is joined by his dad & colleagues in celebration

The 31year old is geared to get into the transport space with his newly acquired vehicle.

Tea farmers in …


I won 900K – Then 1.5M

Millionaire Hannah Wangui tending to her livestock

What do they say about luck?

That it knocks once in a lifetime?

What if the knock comes twice?

Well – maybe that becomes tenacity.

Mama Hannah Grace Wangui won 900K in 2019 …

The prize money enabled her to school her kids comfortably and even buy some cows.

Fast forward to the night of 2021/11/20 , the 1.5Million winning call lands on Hannah Grace Wangui – again!


Th 51 year old livestock farmer who doesn’t converse much can now renovate her cattle shed & venture into poultry farming.

Hannah Wangui receiving cheque

Githunguri – Kiambu County makes a Multi Millionaire!

Where are you representing from?

Watchman Millionaires in Kenya …


Journalist On The Spot!

Millionaire Robert in his best of moods

Mobile phones in Kenya are like bank accounts – some people keep all their savings on their phone – and fraudsters are trying to hack into them to steal the money.

Report by BBC in July 2018

It is for that reason therefore, on the night of 6th November, when Lotto presenters Beverly Nita & Mshamba Zebedayo made that 1.5Million winning call to Mr.Robert Anthony, he first had to step out of the house!

Aaah I was certain that was a Kamiti Max. Prison call

That was definitely a fraudster

confessed Robert in a wild laughter

It took an arm and a leg to convince the TV Technical Director that he was the first DANDIA MAMILLI – 1.5M Winner.

This November, Lotto embarks on a journey to make even more Millionaires topped up to the 470 recorded so far.

So – we look at making 30 Millionaires in 30 days in the Daily Draws,

There’s a van Toyota Hiace to be won and a guaranteed 1.5M every Saturday!

56 year old Robert Anthony Michael, resides in the cold slopes of Ngong’ Hills – Zambia to be precise.

Winner Robert & MCA Tricky during the evaluation

27 year old Sells Fish…

I have played for 5 years

Inaweza kuwa wewe. Utashinda kama mimi

Robert Antony’s advise – now convinced of the win

The journalist cum farmer can now cosily;

  • Invest back to his farm
  • Do some water Pipping

Congratulations sir!