Kibera Man Wins Final Probox

Mdezele hops onto his car

Mdezela Gezela Mkala brings Kibera to a stand still with his merrymaking, jubilation, wingding & hulabaloo when his brand new Toyota Probox gets on scene.

Toyota Probox (XP50/160)
Engine1.5 i 4WD (105 Hp)
Power105 HPW
The specifications

It is the 1st of January 2022,


There’s a brand new Toyota Probox to be won & at exactly 10p.m the winning call goes to 49 year old Mdezele Gezela – born & raised in Kilifi/ settled in Nairobi’s Kibera area.

I have only won 3K before

then … this!


celebated Mdezele

First forward post winning call, Mdezele makes his first victory call to his wife all the way in Qatar to celebrate their huge milestone.

For an incessant participant since 2016 – this is a jackpot!

A stimulation to all of us!

Friends, Family and the Lotto Family join in celebration

I’m a mobile chef

I will sell the car for capital to start up a hotel sphere

confessed the elated chef

It took someone who hasn’t yet mastered the art of operating a vehicle to win the 3rd & final Lotto Mega Christmas Probox!

Try it too!

The mshikaki,shawarma,bhajia specialist got playing inspiration for previous Lotto Winners

At Lotto – we hope Mr.Mkala’s win inspires you

All the best!

I won 200 but …


Hotelier – 500K Rich!

Mr. Hudson Chimwani – 500K rich!

Conceptualize meeting a winner for an evaluation & they treat you to a grand luncheon.

The meal served by Hudson

Now that’s the vigour of hoteliers!

It is the evening of Jamhuri Day when Hudson receives the winning call

You are the winner of 500K

The announcer goes

Christmas couldn’t have approached any better for the elderly man.

For a man who started playing in 2015 – 500K is a big win

I have kids in Boarding School & at the University,

Their cost of schooling, is now sorted!

disclosed the winner
Bev Nita [Lotto Rep] hands over cheque to Hudson

This was a win so real that the first thing Mzee Hudson Chimwani embarked on was to teach at least 20 of his customers how to participate in the game.

Ethical man this one!

I am now looking at a 10M win

Jipeeni bidii – Msikufe moyo

surmised the half Millionaire

A tailor wins…


Milk Supplier Wins 2nd Lotto Probox

David Ndema Mbasu receives his car keys from Lotto Rep – Mike Makori

Yesu wa Baraka –

Yesu wa Baraka –

Yesu wa Baraka –

Melody & Melody resonated at the Masimba Youths Sports Association Grounds in Nairobi’s – Kayole area.

38 year old David Ndema Mbasu celebrates his 2021 Christmas win with double energy.


From Bondo’s Beatrice Awiti – who won the 1st LottoProbox

All the way to Kayole – David Ndema Mbasu – wins the second Lotto Probox – and on no other day than Christmas day!

I started playing in June 2021

I have only won 200/= before

laughs off Mr.Mbasu

On this interview day, Mr.Mbasu is accompanied by his entire family – Kayole neighbours included.

His 2 older children are missing though – schools are in session.

This is a big big win for sir David – who supplies milk on a motorbike

Indeed this is a big boost because he will now do the same – but now more conveniently using his newly acquired Probox vehicle.

David Mbasu,his wife and child

I first heard of Lotto on Tv

Seeing other winners made me believe

David’s final confesion

Changamka! Cheza Lotto!

These men win …


Rarieda Tailor Is First Probox Winner

Mama Beatrice on receiving her car keys

It is 10p.m on 18th of December 2021.

Mrs. Beatrice Auma Owiti is still by the sewing machine finishing on last minute client orders.

Mshamba and Makori [Lotto Presenters] are in the studio puffed up with lot’s of winning news;

  • First Winner on Call – Wins 10K
  • Second Winner on Call – Wins 50K
  • Big Probox Winner – Beatrice Auma Owiti

The big announcement is made & Beatrice breaks in a deafening scream

It is evident from her voice that by this time she’s probably jumping helter skelter.

She hands over the phone to her husband amidst background cheer who get’s confirmation from the Lotto Presenters that the win indeed is legit!

Asante sana

Sijui kuendesha gari

Lakini nitatafuta dere…

bursts back Betty

You see – 39 year old Beatrice Auma Owiti has been playing since 2016 January,

This Bondo – Rarieda tailor is big on charity

Having won only small amounts of Ksh.75/150/300 – with no witness of big wins – The Lotto Foundation CSR activities kept her on check

Niliona vile mnasaidia huku ushago wakati wa Corona

Nikasema nitaendelea kucheza

Ndio mimi pia nisupport

confessed Betty soberly
Betty & Family celebrating their new car

As much as for a moment Betty thought her Probox win was fradulent

She closes her interview with assuarity;

Cheza Lotto, Sio Ndoto

Utashinda kama mimi Beatrice

The tailor is confident – transport business will pick up well with her newly acquired probox.

Congratulation maám

Shamba Boy wins…


2 Men Win Same Amount

100K Winner Wilberforce Wanjala
100K Winner Tom Okeyo Oloo

Christmas season comes with MEGA luck!

It is the 8th of December – MCA Tricky and Wilbroda are set for the LIVE show with guest player – Wilberforce Wanjala Wamalwa.

29 year old picks box number 7 which earns him 100K – refuting Wilbroda’s 50K cash at hand.

Cross to Langata’s – Nairobi area – where Mr. Tom Oloo takes off some office time – plays Lotto at 5:15p.m & as luck would have it – 6p.m draw time – he’s selected as a winner – 100K Winner to be precise!

I really needed the money

I got bills and fees

& yeah … some Christmas shopping would do

Tom on how he’ll spend the money

I needed that money

I will add kerosene and eggs stock

plus visit my father over Christmas

Wilberforce on his money spend

You see – unlike Tom who’s a family man – Wilberforce is still a bachelor

Tom is employed with a white collar job – Wilberforce is self employed – sells kerosene and eggs

I have won sh.50 & sh.75 before

but that ha never dampened me

Look at me now

laughed out Wilberforce

First time I won 50K

Now 100K

I anticipate for 1Million

confessed Tom Oloo
Wilberforce on picking his cheque
Tom celebrates after cheque handover

Now these 2 men have their Christmas holidays sorted

Remember – there are still vehicles, mbuzis & lot’s of cash prizes to be won

Join in the number

Merry Christmas fam!

Lucky boda boda man …